Apple added a page to the site for exchanging old models for iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Even if you believe in coincidences, the decision Apple to aggressively advertise the exchange program of old models iPhone for new ones is not one. The company started doing this right after analysts' publications began to appear on the network that sales iPhone were falling.

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It is impossible to say for sure whether the two events are related. Apple clearly emphasizes that you can exchange your old iPhone for a new one iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR at a reduced price. Considering the high cost of the iPhone XS Max, any discount is a plus!

Apple has officially added a new page to their site, where you can find out what discount you will get when exchanging your old iPhone for a new one. On the page you can select your model and see how the cost for a new model will change when exchanged.

If you have iPhone X, then the discount on the new iPhone can be up to $ 500. This means that the base model iPhone XR will cost $ 249, iPhone XS – $ 499, and iPhone XS Max – $ 599. The older your model is, the less discount will be. This offer Apple was provided before, so there is nothing new here.

It's good that now it will be so easy to find out the amount of your discount when exchanging.

Apple is gearing up for the holiday season by promoting their exchange program. The company does the same by promoting older models iPhone as well as iPhone XR in App Store. It makes sense because Apple is struggling to attract buyers. However, the new site page would be much more useful if it also supported the exchange of smartphones with Android.

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