A tweak to hide the jailbreak in Citrix Receiver

Very often, developers prohibit jailbroken users from using their applications. However, jailbreak creators always manage to bypass these restrictions with the help of tweaks that they post publicly.

Citrix-Receiver-Unblock-695 × 1024

Another tweak of this kind has recently appeared in Cydia – Citrix Receiver Unblock, created by developer Christoph Kolbikz. It allows Citrix Receiver to work seamlessly on jailbroken devices.

Apparently, the Citrix app considers jailbroken devices too insecure, so it contains a restriction for them.

By installing the Citrix Receiver Unblock tweak, jailbroken users can easily launch Citrix Receiver and use it like everyone else.

Citrix Receiver Unblock has no configurable options, it is active immediately after installation.

However, the creators of Citrix Receiver can fix the vulnerability exploited by the tweak in the next application update. The tweak works with version 7.3, which can be downloaded from App Store for free. If the vulnerability is fixed, the tweak creator will release an update.

If you want to install Citrix Receiver Unblock, you can download it for free from the BigBoss repository. The tweak works on all jailbreak devices iOS 10.

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