A fake cryptocurrency wallet entered the top App Store

The fake version of the popular cryptocurrency wallet, MyEtherWallet, came in third in popularity in the Finance category App Store. In fact, MyEtherWallet does exist, but only as a website. The creators have already announced that they have nothing to do with the developer.

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A fake cryptocurrency wallet entered the top App Store

In their Twitter account, the creators of MyEtherWallet noted that MEW will always be a free and open source platform. This wallet is free to use, while the fake app sells for $ 4.99.

This is NOT US. We have file reports and emailed and reported. Would appreciate the communities assistance in getting these scamtards out of our lives.

PS: We are # Foss4Lyfe https://t.co/SmI8cqNvxA

– MyEtherWallet.com (@myetherwallet) December 10, 2017

Note that the wallet is a key element for most cryptocurrencies. It is through it that you can store, receive and send money, so it is extremely important to monitor so as not to fall for the trick of scammers. How dangerous this particular application is is not yet clear. At best, it can simply bring the developer a profit from purchases and traffic, at worst, it can be a tool for stealing user keys and money.

The problem here is that finding a good wallet is hard, and MEW is one of the best right now. This is why users are willing to pay for it. However, even on the MyEtherWallet site itself, there is a manual to determine that you are on the correct site.

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