9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

Who said Apple TV 4 is for games and entertainment only? Indeed, while Apple TV is great for watching movies, TV shows and viral videos, as well as playing video games in 1080p quality and 60fps, this device also has a full-fledged app market, which is becoming More. Due to the specifics of the device, all of them are somehow related to video and visual effects, but many of these programs are very original and non-standard.

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We invite you to look at some very interesting, in our opinion, applications for the new set-top boxing from Apple. Since there is no browser on the device, we cannot link to them in App Store, but you can always find them by name.

1. Zova

9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

Zova claims that the app's mission is to “guide and help people consistently lead active and healthy lives.” A version of their fitness app was recently launched at Apple TV. If in applications for iPhone and iPad it was still necessary to contrive to position the screen so that you could see something on it during training, then the large TV screen will obviously benefit the popularity of the program . All instructors are women, although the training programs are quite varied.

In addition to the Siri Remote, the app works with the optional MFi game controller, and if you have Apple Watch on your wrist, your heart rate will be displayed on the TV screen. The solution is great, we hope to see this kind of integration in more applications in the future.

You can download Zova at App Store, additional content is purchased within the app.

2. Madefire

9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

Madefire's goal is to “revolutionize the reading and distribution of comics.” This application turns ordinary text with pictures into something dynamic, interactive and just right for the TV screen.

We've seen all sorts of motion comics and books many times before, but Madefire does its job just to the highest level. The app contains comics from the DC universe (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman), as well as from a bunch of other producers: DW, Dark Horse, Valiant, Titan, Boom, Oni Press, Top Cow, the list goes on. There are Transformers and even My Little Pony. And more original titles.

Madefire is free, as is some of the content. The rest of the content can be bought in the app and you can easily read comics with full panorama, music, sound effects and all sorts of other things on your TV.

3. Artsy Shows

9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

Previously, to see the world, you had to get on a ship or plane and go somewhere. Now is the 21st century, and we can finally see the world of nature and man in all its diversity on the wall of our living room or on the phone screen. Almost everything. The impressions of a walk through a museum or gallery are still quite difficult to convey in a quality manner.

With Artsy Shows, you can capture that very sense of movement through space, time, culture and art from the comfort of your living room. More than 1000 exhibits are available in the application, the list is updated every day. And no steamers.

4. Kitchen Stories

9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

Kitchen Stories has been designed to give you a “unique cooking experience in your home kitchen”. These impressions are created through colorful video recipes with step-by-step instructions. Anyone who thinks this cookbook format is perfect for Apple TV is absolutely right, which is why Kitchen Stores is finally hitting the big screen. The benefits of the app are doubled if you can watch TV from the kitchen.

The application publishes special chips to improve your cooking skills and, of course, recipes: from classic to original, vegetarian and quick cooking. Finally, the app is completely free.

5. Mixcloud

9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

Mixcloud intends to win over its listeners with the help of mixes from the trendiest DJs and collaborations with cool radio hosts. But why do developers think you will like their product? Perhaps it's aimed at those who don't like Apple Music, or those who want something fresh, not permanent mixes or radio programs, but somewhere in between. Or, perhaps, to those who just need good radio on Apple TV (and this niche is not occupied at all now).

An obvious plus Apple TV is that it connects to the TV's audio system and due to this it can create the perfect sound background for an evening with friends, or cooking, or work, when the music does not sound from somewhere, but is everywhere.

6. Star Walk Kids

9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

The award-winning app for iOS and iPad comes to Apple TV. Here, however, you cannot raise the device to the sky and get all the information about the stars you are looking at in augmented reality manner.

The app knows and can tell you about the Moon and the planets of the solar system (Pluto, of course, counts), constellations, 700 brightest stars, the International Space Station and the Hubble telescope. In a very bright and accessible form for children of all ages.

7. Touchpress

Touchpress offers “an unconventional way to listen to classical music at home” with music rendering technologies such as BeatMap and NoteFall.

Stylistically, the application resembles an indie game in which you need to rhythmically press the keys when the notes appear, but in fact it is more of an educational application in a playful way, quite original and smart. The video above demonstrates the app in all its glory.

8. Sing!

9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

Smule has been “connecting the world through music” since launching App Store for iPhone back in 2008. Since then, as soon as Apple expanded the range of devices and platforms on which this store is located, Smule immediately went there. Now, with the launch Apple TV, Smule is releasing a version of its Sing karaoke app for the new set-top boxing. Oh yes, HDTV karaoke is either very cool or extremely disgusting, for some reason there is no third!

With Sing! you don't just sing along to the lines on the screen, you perform, the developer says. You can record yourself on camera and apply effects, sing along with popular artists, find and follow friends, and even become a real star with the ability to “be discovered”. There are already over 100 thousand tracks, and there will be even more.

9. Carrot Weather

9 apps for Apple TV you need to download right now

Carrot is rude. Brian Mueller, the creator of the app, is probably quite a caustic person himself, but his creation is much worse.

Carrot for Apple TV shows you weather forecasts based on Dark Sky just like in apps for iOS, watchOS and Mac, and with the same funny cynical comments. And just like other apps for other platforms, Carrot is catchy with its design, turning commonplace and boring things into unusual and exciting.

Apps for the new platform are emerging very quickly, and we'll try to keep you posted. Feel free to share your findings in the comments!

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