7 functions that disappeared with the appearance of iOS 11

iOS 11 adds a lot of cool new features, from a redesigned Control Center and an updated App Store to a new multitasking implementation on iPad. However, some of the functions available in previous firmwares were removed. So, the functionality that iOS 11 is irrevocably deprived of.

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  1. Built-in support for Twitter and Facebook

iOS 11 does not have built-in support for these applications. Now you cannot log in to Twitter or Facebook directly through the operating system. This means that third-party app developers will not be able to connect to social media accounts using information on your device. They will have to connect to applications that must now be installed on your iOS device for this.

  1. Support for 32-bit applications

In iOS 11, support for 32-bit programs has been completely removed. If you try to download such an application from App Store, you will receive only an error message.

  1. Application iCloud Drive

7 functions that disappeared with the appearance of iOS 11

The iOS 10 application iCloud Drive has been replaced by a new program called 'Files'. It should be noted that this is a great innovation. File Manager Finder supports iCloud Drive, local documents, and third party services (like Dropbox). Plus lets you better manage your files by structuring folders, browsing in a list, dragging and dropping, ticking, and more.

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  1. Home page and current playback in Control Center

7 functions that disappeared with the appearance of iOS 11

The home panel and the current playback display have disappeared from the Control Center. These features are now integrated directly into the new One-page Control Center.

  1. Gesture calling Control Center at iPad

Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen iPad and you'll see the Dock, or the switcher between apps. The Control Center panels will not be displayed as they are now integrated into the toggle system.

  1. Widget iPad, consisting of two panels

7 functions that disappeared with the appearance of iOS 11

Now widgets for all iPad are no longer displayed in two-column mode. Instead, you'll see a single column centered in both portrait and landscape modes.

  1. Update shortcut App Store

Previously, by clicking on the hidden shortcut 10 times, you could start the update App Store manually. In the revised App Store, the function is no longer implemented.

Are we missing something?

The beta releases iOS 11 were released very recently and we are continuing to test them. Found another feature that was implemented in iOS 10 but lost with the new firmware version? Share with us in the comments.

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