6 best free games of the week for iPhone

A new week is starting, so it's time to take a look at the best games that came out at iOS in the last seven days. Considering the holidays are behind us, a nice bonus is that all these apps won't cost you a dime.



6 best free games of the week for iPhone

Get ready for a thrilling saga in which you have to rule the darkness in a new gothic fantasy MMORPG from the Korean Gamevil. In the center of the plot – an epic battle in the kingdom of shadows, where the player will have to go on a journey full of dangers to save the enchanted Asher. Form campaigns (5 masters and over 100 servants available), creating several teams with different abilities and responsibilities to win. Characters can be combined to unlock up to three new skills.

In addition, the game has a PvP mode, where users from all over the world can compete with each other in dungeons, or try to withstand the attacks of shadow warriors together. To win Heir of Light, you will have to not only upgrade your skills, but also think over a strategy – in general, everything is in the best traditions of MMORPGs.

Download HEIR OF LIGHT in App Store


6 best free games of the week for iPhone

Here you have to take command of a space base in order to conquer the vastness of the galaxy and expand your influence. Conquer planets to mine unique resources and use them to upgrade your ships and continue your journey to dominate the galactic arena.


  • Defend your base using turrets and mines
  • Search other bases to get resources
  • Upgrade ships and train your team to win
  • Plan unique battle strategies using endless combinations of captains and ships
  • Join a guild or create your own to go on raids with friends and get even more rewards
  • Fight space pirates
  • Explore the galaxy and migrate to a resource-rich planet

Download InterPlanet at App Store

Monster merge

6 best free games of the week for iPhone

The main goal of this game is to combine the same monsters to level them up and unlock new types. It has elements like puzzles, but it is mainly a casual game with elements of city building. As the monsters improve, you can give them various assignments so that they work on expanding the base (or, if you prefer, the city). Also on monsters you can earn in-game currency in order to … well … buy new monsters.

The overall visual style is reminiscent of Down the Mountains – the creatures are depicted in isometric style. This allows you to give monsters a unique appearance. If the species available from the very beginning resemble spiders and snakes (but in a more abstract and even cute form), then as you progress through you will become available to all kinds of orcs, dragons, and even skeletal magicians. So far, there are about 30 different types available, but the developers have promised to constantly update the list – and after the first update, 4 new monsters have already been added.

Download Monster Merge at App Store

Read Only Memories: Type-M

6 best free games of the week for iPhone

Immediately, we note that this game will be of interest only to those who know English (or are ready to peep the whole game into a dictionary). Even though there is no Russian, this cyberpunk thriller deserves to be on our list as an extraordinary and noteworthy project. In Read Only Memories: Type-M, you gradually uncover the details of the world of the future using a retro-game interface.

Explore futuristic Neo San Francisco, discover the secrets behind colorful signage, meet amazing characters, and uncover a terrifying conspiracy. And always think about what to say or where to go – a lot depends on your choice. Note that only the first episode is available for free, while unlocking the full version costs 459 rubles.

Download Read Only Memories: Type-M in App Store

The sims mobile

6 best free games of the week for iPhone

The Sims franchise, as they say, needs no introduction. Last week, what the fans of the series have been waiting for for many years happened: the release of the full version of the game for iPhone and iPad. A character editor is available here with the ability to give them different looks, clothes and hairstyles, it is possible to create families and build and decorate houses. As with the PC and console versions, Sims in The Sims Mobile can achieve goals, learn professions, improve hobby skills, develop relationships, and improve their lifestyles. Have fun with your friends, fall in love, expand your family.

Interestingly, in the mobile version, you can chat with other users. Show them your homes and characters, earn rewards, befriend your Sims with others, or even reunite families with a user from around the world! Events are held daily (such as quick dates in the city park or the music festival in Market Square). In this way, you can even become famous: there are regular votes for the best sims.

Note that the game will officially be released only on March 21, but the opportunity to install it now. To do this, you must have an iTunes account in one of the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia, Italy, Indonesia, France, Canada, or Brazil. Below is the link to the game in American App Store.

DownloadThe Sims Mobile in App Store

Will hero

6 best free games of the week for iPhone

Will Hero is an arcade, action, platformer and rogue-like game in one game. This is an amazing adventure that you can plunge into anytime, anywhere, as long as you have your phone with you. To protect the princess, you have to destroy and blow up everything and everyone in your path. Learn to use a sword, fight your way through enemies with your fists, throw knives and axes. Upgrade your weapons to increase their lethality. Not without spells. As the game progresses, you can find new helmets for your character – from knight, crusader or prince helmets to cat, raccoon or chicken head helmets. There are several dozen of them available.

Of the important advantages of Will Hero, it is worth noting the ability to play with just one finger and the fact that it is an offline game. Download it to your smartphone and play anywhere, even if there is no Wi-Fi nearby and the traffic is over.

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