5 best student apps with iPad Pro

Models iPad Pro as well as second-generation devices made tablet computers Apple the most powerful in history iOS. With the release of iOS 11 iPad it has become a device that can be fully used by many people as a main computer.

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One of the main categories of users iPad Pro are students. In this article, we'll take a look at the best apps that, with the most powerful tablet Apple, will become your reliable learning aids.

Microsoft Office

5 best student apps with iPad Pro

Microsoft Office is an everyday tool in traditional desktop operating systems, so its equivalent for iOS is definitely worth installing for all students. Although its design and functionality is somewhat simplified, all Office applications for iOS – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are quite capable of satisfying almost any need.

Another advantage of Office is that some universities offer their students a free subscription to an Office 365 product. Check if this option is available at your university. If possible, it is of course worth downloading Microsoft Office for iOS for free. Office 365 is the full version of the product.

Things 3

5 best student apps with iPad Pro

Sometimes it is difficult for students to remember all the homework assignments in the subjects. It's hard to find something better for managing your tasks than Things 3 for iPad.

The secret to the success of this app lies in the ability to create multiple levels of challenges. They are organized in areas, projects and specific cases. Regardless of how many tasks and subtasks you need to complete, you can put all of them in the Things app's reportable lists.

Things 3 for iPad is available for download at App Store for $ 9.99.

Fantastical 2 for iPad

5 best student apps with iPad Pro

Fantastical 2 is no less useful. Its main advantage is its high information saturation. With Fantastical 2 for iPad you will be able to view your events as lists, months and weeks on one screen. The app also has a Reminders / Lists feature, however we recommend using Things 3 with a much wider range of options. Fantastical 2 for iPad can be downloaded at App Store for $ 9.99.


5 best student apps with iPad Pro

One of the best things iPad Pro offers the student is to quickly turn it into a 'whiteboard' that is very easy to write on with the Apple Pencil. After its introduction, the Notability app, already useful, became simply irreplaceable.

Among the analogues, Notability is favorably distinguished by the closest proximity to real paper. You can customize its appearance in detail, as well as group notes. Notability is available at App Store for $ 4.99.


5 best student apps with iPad Pro

If Microsoft Word is needed in order to print the document for the lesson and submit it in the format that the teacher expects to see, then Bear is primarily intended for recording your own thoughts.

It is very convenient to write in Bear first, and only then transfer the text to any of the applications. The functionality of a program lies in its form. The simple design allows you to focus on the writing process. It's beautiful and thoughtful. It's always nice. The free version of Bear is available at App Store. To unlock the cloud sync functionality and add different themes, you will need to install the Bear Pro version, which costs $ 1.49 when billed monthly or $ 14.99 annually.

Are you going to try any of these apps for iPad? Which learning apps iOS are right for you? Please tell us in the comments.

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