11 best free games for iOS over the past week

If you really do not have enough new games on your smartphone or tablet, and you don’t want to spend money, then this article is for you. Here we have collected 11 noteworthy games released last week for iPhone and iPad. The genre variety is obvious: fans of RPGs, runners, arcades, card games and city builders will be satisfied. And a new game about Sonic has also been released, but let's talk about everything in order.


Battle Knife: Online PvP

11 best free games for iOS over the past week

This is a massively multiplayer online game in which you have to compete with other players in one-on-one knife throwing. Enjoy a unique combat system in which everything depends only on you, your reaction and skills.

The game has a huge number of knives. Of course, you can take the path of least resistance and use those that you like best, but each of them has its own characteristics that may well decide the outcome of the fight.

Download Battle Knife: Online PVP


A cute runner in which you have to run, shooting back at enemies and using a jetpack to get out of the danger zone. On the way, you need to collect all sorts of parts, so that later with their help you can buy improvements and new robots. How far can you go?

Features of Crashbots:

  • 2 game modes
  • 3 worlds with 75+ levels (the developers promise to add even more)
  • 5 available robots
  • Ability to view and save gameplay
  • Cloud sync
  • Leaderboard and achievements
  • Epic boss battles

Download Crashbots


Your task is to restore the forgotten lands of Elvenar. Build your magical city and explore the world around you full of secrets and mysteries. Return Elvenar to its former glory and greatness and create a home for many fantasy races!

Elvenar Features:

  • Choose between elves and humans as the starting race
  • Build and modify a huge city and manage its economy
  • Recover lost technologies to add new buildings and gain access to other resources
  • Get resources and create unique things
  • Swap with other players or merchants
  • Explore the lands and expand the available map, learn new secrets and get powerful ancient relics

Elvenar builds on another successful city builder released by InnoGames. The game is available for both smartphones and tablets, and has cross-platform support iOS and Android.

Download Elvenar

Era of arcania

Developer 37Games promises that this game provides a unique gaming experience. Era of Arcania is based on a mixture of Western mythology and Asian fantasy. The player will take on the role of an explorer and travel together with friends through mysterious lands. In addition to exploration and combat, Era of Arcane also has a love story.


  • Quantum HD graphics with real-time lighting effects
  • Switchable between 2.5D (ARPG) and 3D (MMO) modes
  • Intuitive interface
  • A large number of different skills that will allow you to create a character with unique characteristics
  • Online co-op dungeons or bosses with players from around the world with voice chat support
  • Guilds of up to 1000 people
  • A romantic line with the possibility of a stunning wedding with your favorite character
  • Three classes: gods, demons and archers

Download Era of Arcania

KISS Rock City

Want to be a rock star? Of course, who doesn't want to. However, there are small problems: you have no money, and there are continuous disagreements with the group members. Already ready to give up, the player suddenly meets the members of KISS – who agree to help on their way to becoming a star of the rock scene. Perform legendary tracks together with famous musicians and enjoy a funny plot.

Features of KISS Rock City:

  • An epic rock adventure
  • Original KISS songs
  • Sophisticated animated backgrounds
  • A huge number of costumes available, from rock and punk to J-Pop, allowing you to customize the image of the group to the taste of the player
  • An original rhythm game that will test your reaction

Download KISS Rock City

Legend of Brave

11 best free games for iOS over the past week

Legend of Brave is an online ARPG with 3D graphics that combines many mechanics that will leave no one indifferent. You can collect cute pets (over 100 species available), take part in bloody battles against bosses or other players, explore devilish dungeons, and much more. There are many modes available, so you can take friends and go fight against the darkness.

Legend of Brave features:

  • Several classes are available with their own skill branches
  • Fight against monsters and bosses and clear dungeons alone or together with other players
  • Create your guild
  • Fight instead with your pets. Each of them is not only different in appearance, but also has its own characteristics that can be useful during the battle.
  • Create a unique character using the huge number of available costumes in different styles. In addition, limited edition versions like Christmas are also available.

Download Legend of Brave

PES Card Collection

This game will allow you to collect cards with the most famous football players from all over the world and build your dream team from them. There are also training modes and matches against real players from around the world.

The cards from the original PES game are enhanced with high-quality 3D graphics, which will allow you to enjoy every goal scored as if the match was real. During the game against other players, a chat is available in which you can express your emotions not only with words, but also with the help of a special set of stickers.

Also, tournaments are regularly held in which you can compete with the best players from other countries. These matches are the best way to prove that you are the best football team manager.

The available cards include top players from the national teams of Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and many other countries, as well as stars of famous football clubs – Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Arsenal and others. All cards are distinguished by excellent quality of player photos.

Although it is you who form and train the team, the matches themselves are played automatically based on the characteristics of both teams. During this time, you can communicate with your opponent using stickers – they provide a wide range of emotions and this is a great way to overcome the language barrier.

There is also the possibility of holding a match not against, but together with other players. 11 people must choose one of their best footballers in order to assemble a single team from them and play against other players or artificial intelligence. In addition, festivals are often held to determine the best team in the world. Also during the festivals, unique card packs are available.

Download PES Card Collection

Ping Ping!

11 best free games for iOS over the past week

An excellent addicting time killer that will help pass the time in line or on public transport. There are several modes available in the game, but the goal is the same everywhere: to choose the right angle of impact in order to knock down all the blocks with one ball.

Minimalistic and attractive graphics create a pleasant atmosphere, so when playing Ping Ping! you can really relax. The lack of Wi-Fi is not a problem: you can play offline too. Additional bonuses include Russian localization.

Download Ping Ping!

Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle

11 best free games for iOS over the past week

The famous blue hedgehog Sonic is back in a new runner from SEGA. The graphics and animation are really great here, so be careful: you can easily get carried away for a few hours.

In the best traditions of the genre, Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle offers many colorful locations, all kinds of bonuses, traps and improvements. You can play not only for Sonic. Available characters include Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge and many more. As you progress, you can unlock new rare characters – including Omega and Vector.

In addition to the obvious goal of being the fastest, during the game you must also collect gold rings, which have become the hallmark of games about the blue hedgehog. They are needed to buy upgrades.

The game also features a global standings for the best of the best to reach the top.

Download Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle

TAP Shooter: Sky Battle

Despite the word shooter in the title, in fact it is more of a clicker. To defeat hordes of enemies, you will need to tap the screen as fast as possible in order to summon allies and win battles. In addition to improving your characters, you can also collect pets, artifacts and equipment that will help you in battle. In this case, we are not talking about a single pet. You can summon all of them during the battle in order to win with their help.

You can fight both independently against artificial intelligence and against real players. In addition, you can team up with friends or members of your guild to win together and receive great rewards.

As the level increases, new skills become available to the player – including powerful attacks.

Download TAP Shooter: Sky Battle

The muscle hustle

This is a unique wrestling game. At the same time, the control is as simple as possible and resembles a pinball or a pool. You need to hit your opponent at the right moment and calculate the strength so as to knock him out. In addition, with the right hit, you can deal damage to multiple opponents at once.

Collect, train and promote hundreds of wrestlers unlocking their signature kicks and throws. Combine the individual abilities of each fighter to create a perfectly balanced team for each fight. You can fight both against AI and against real players.

The Muscle Hustle is adapted for one-handed play, so it is convenient to play in vehicles. To strike, you just need to pull the icon in the desired direction, determine the force of the blow and release it directly at the enemy.

The atmosphere of the game is added by ironic and funny lines of the commentator.

Download The Muscle Hustle

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