10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

Selfies with filters from Instagram are now deprecated. In 2018, it is fashionable to add 3D effects and animations to photos. Regular selfies are considered boring. In trends, effects, like rainbows from the mouth. Snapchat was one of the first apps to make face masks popular, but there are hundreds of apps today. Want to add a cat mustache? Easy! And this is the simplest thing you can do.

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1. YouCam Fun

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

YouCam Fun - live filters YouCam Fun – live filters Price: Free

Ever wondered what you would look like if you were a 25 year old girl from France in the seventies? Well, now you can find out with YouCam Fun. There are many funny filters in this application.

The app interface is similar to Snapchat. You can switch between photo and video capture modes. By swiping across the screen, you can change the filter. Move your head, open your mouth, and additional animations will appear on the screen. YouCam Fun has a huge collection of masks. This app will make anyone from you: from a cat to a Chinese lady in a floral kimono. Once you've taken the perfect selfie, you can save it to Photos or share it straight away on social media.

Download: YouCam Fun (Free)

2. B612

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

‎B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera Price: Free

You will never get bored of the B612 app. It has over 1500 stickers and filters. In addition, there are face distortion functions with which you can make him thinner, enlarge his eyes, etc. There is also augmented reality mode.

The B612 app is famous for its so-called beauty filters, but there is much more to it. Here you will find funny stickers with reactions from the classic heart to the cat's mustache. And you can always quickly edit your face using handy sliders.

Download: B612 (Free)

3. Snapchat

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

Snapchat Snapchat Price: Free +

You may have stopped using Snapchat after stories appeared in Instagram. However, Snapchat masks are still better than most other apps, even YouCam Fun.

And if you have iPhone X, you can use special augmented reality masks that perfectly match your face. The app uses the same technology as Animoji and the result looks amazing.

Download: Snapchat (Free)

4. Photo Lab Filters

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

Photo Lab: Photo Editor, Retouching Photo Lab: Photo Editor, Retouch Price: Free +

At Photo Lab, style is key. These aren't just fun filters and effects. Here you will find everything to convey your mood and style.

The Photo Lab app is a little different from other photo editors. It does not open the camera, but the page with the feed. First you choose the effect, and only then you take the photo. And when you select an effect, the application will automatically find all the selfies that match it in your Photos.

Unfortunately, there is no real-time preview of the effect in the application, so you have to wait a couple of seconds for it to apply to the photo. Filters are uploaded to application servers for processing. This application is hardly for you if you are not going to share your photographers in it.

As for the effects, everything is according to the standard: beautiful backgrounds, emotions, stickers, stylized effects, painting, etc.

Download: Photo Lab Filters (Free)

5. Enlight

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

Enlight Enlight Price: 299 rub.

Enlight is a professional photo editor with a twist. It has a whole host of great features to make your photos look amazing. Here you can create photos with blurred backgrounds, graphic elements, make text out of images, and essentially turn your photos and selfies into art.

Using Enlight is not easy and there is a lot to learn. However, once you learn all the tricks, you can stand out from the crowd with amazing shots. If you want to make your profile in Instagram, then you won't regret buying Enlight.

Download: Enlight ($ 3.99)

6. Fatify

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

Fatify - Make Yourself Fat Fatify – Make Yourself Fat Price: Free +

You've hardly heard of an app that can make you fat. However, it does exist and is a lot of fun to use. With a simple slider, you can find out how you would look if you weighed 10 or 100 kilograms more!

In fact, the app just makes your cheeks bigger and adds a double or triple chin, but it looks very funny.

Download: Fatify (Free)

7. Prisma

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

Prisma photo editor Prisma Photo Editor Price: Free +

The list of fun photo editors would be incomplete without Prisma, the app that popularized fun filters. The application turns your photos into paintings by famous artists. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to make art from photographs.

Prisma recently added even more filters and new features. In addition to the classic ones, daily styles also appear in the application. In addition, it has a feed where you can share your pictures and find pictures of other users.

Prisma also has a new feature that changes the background of a selfie without deforming the faces. Very interesting results are obtained with it.

Download: Prisma (Free)


10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

MSQRD - Live Effects & Face Swap MSQRD – Live Effects & Face Swap Price: Free

The MSQRD app resembles the Prisma app. It was acquired by the company Facebook and has not been updated for a long time. However, it still contains some of the best video filters. The Joker mask looks especially cool.

Download: MSQRD (Free)

9. Facetune 2

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

Facetune2: Selfie Editor Facetune2: Selfie Editor Price: Free +

Facetune 2 is the best selfie editor for iPhone. The app is known for its quality beauty filters, but it also has more. Facetune 2 is made by the same developers as Enlight. All tools are very easy to use.

You can whiten teeth, enlarge eyes, smoothen skin and remove imperfections. Magic Camera tools provide access to filters as well.

Download: Facetune 2 (Free)

10. Pop Camera

10 funniest photo editors for iPhone

Pop Camera - Enjoy pop life! Pop Camera – Enjoy pop life! Price: RUB 149.00 +

Pop Camera lets you play with an old vintage camera even if you don't have one. This is the digital equivalent of a film camera. You get the whole set: highlights, abrasions, noise, dust, etc.

You can switch between 1 frame and 16 frames. The app will take a series of pictures and combine them for the best result.

Download: Pop Camera ($ 3.99)

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