10 best tweaks for Electra jailbreak

At the moment, jailbreak is not only not dead, but also thriving like never before. Recently, several jailbreak tools have been released. Users don't even know which one to choose.


In addition, registration in the Installer5 beta testing program, an alternative to Cydia, has recently begun. Jay Freeman is also working on updating Cydia for iOS 11. If Installer5 turns out to be of the same quality as its developers promise, then many people will simply stop using Cydia.

However, this will only happen if Installer5 is more or at least as convenient as Cydia. Many users will want to use both applications at once.

These arguments should be enough to make you believe the first sentence of this article. Now let's get to the fun part!

Electra jailbreak is the only jailbreak for iOS 11 that allows you to install themes and tweaks. But there is one 'but' – you have to do it manually by copying files. It's not as fast or as convenient as it would be with Cydia support. Besides, not many people know how to do it. If you also do not know how to install tweaks manually, our detailed step-by-step instructions will help you.

  • How to install jailbreak tweaks on devices with iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2

In addition, using this method, you can damage system files, which can cause the jailbreak to stop working, and you can lose your data.

Fortunately, there is an Electralyzed app that automatically installs tweaks. You only need to enter your IP address and password. After that, you only need to press one button, and the tweak will install itself.

Finding useful and high-quality tweaks is also not easy. There are already a large number of jailbreak apps and tweaks available for iOS 11, and finding the best ones can be difficult. Only a small number of them will really make your device better.

That is why we have compiled for you the 10 best jailbreak tweaks compatible with Electra.

1. TapTapFlip

The standard Camera at iPhone doesn't have many functions and settings. This tweak adds an additional feature that allows you to switch between the front and main camera by double-tapping the screen.

Download: TapTapFlip.deb

2. Fluidity

This tweak will only describe one word – monster! It adds some iPhone X gestures to older models. For example, you can swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open the home screen. The tweak also contains gestures to open the app switcher and quickly switch between recent apps. In addition, it moves the Control Point to the top of the screen, just like iPhone X.

Installation instructions:

  1. Create a folder on your filesystem using SSH.
  2. Your best bet is to use WinSCP.
  3. After that, copy the entire contents of the archive below to the folder. There should be a 'install.sh' file.
  4. Press CTRL + T, or just open Terminal.
  5. Run the following command: sh install.sh
  6. The tweak should automatically install on the device.
  7. Reboot your device to apply the changes.

Download: Fluidity.zip

3. DeleteCut

This tweak has been around for a long time. If you hold down the 'shift' key while erasing text, whole words will be erased, not every letter. If you release the key, the text will be erased as usual. For those who often work with text, the tweak will be very useful.

Download: DeleteCut.deb

4. PhotoSize

PhotoSize is a simple tweak that you might not even notice after installation. It shows the size of photos in the Photos app. This tweak can be helpful when sending a lot of photos.

Download: PhotoSize.deb

5. ByeByeHUD

This tweak hides the HUD icons in the status bar. Now nothing will stop you from enjoying the scenes of your favorite movies and TV series.

Download: ByeByeHUD.deb

6. Pigeon

When you hide a notification, the tweak will immediately mark it as viewed in the Notification Center, so you no longer have to waste time looking at notifications you've already seen.

Download: Pigeon.deb

7. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp (++)

Classic '++' apps have finally been updated for the new version of the system. But in order for them to work, you have to install uasharedtools. The applications themselves are also not installed as usual. You will need to use an SSH client on the machine or iPhone / iPad itself. Below is a link to the post with instructions and to download the tools. If you are in doubt about your ability, it is best not to use this method.

In case you don't know, '++' apps are modified versions of popular apps with a lot of additional features. For example, in Instagram you can save photos and videos.

Instructions: Instructions.

8. Audi oRecorder2

Ever needed to record a telephone conversation? Now you can do it. Do not forget that recording a conversation without the consent of the interlocutor is illegal. Apps capable of recording phone calls are regularly removed from App Store.

Fortunately, there is a tweak Audi oRecorder with which you can easily and easily record your phone conversations.

Download: Audi oRecorder2


This tweak adds a few extra keys to the standard keyboard. For some users, the tweak does not work properly, but if successful, it should significantly improve your keyboard.

Download: exKey.deb

10. PicoBanners

This tweak makes banner ads more minimalistic. Below is an example. Now notifications will not be so conspicuous when you are busy with something.

10 best tweaks for Electra jailbreak

Download: PicoBanners.deb

That's all for today. We hope you've found some useful tweaks in the list.

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