10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

iPhone, with the right set of applications and services, a convenient device for listening to music. iPhone has replaced the iPod and opens up many possibilities for those who listen to music on the phone. App Store, besides Spotify and Pandora, there are dozens of apps that recognize songs, lyrics, and even the meaning of songs. Users can listen to the radio and rate other members' playlists.

iphone music apps

Below are ten of the most useful apps for listening to music on iPhone.

1. Shazam

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

Shazam is an app every music fan should download. Yes, Siri can recognize songs too, but the Shazam app can do a lot more. With it, song recognition occurs instantly.

The app can be configured so that every song it finds is automatically added to the Apple Music playlist. Once the song is recognized, you can preview the lyrics, buy it, or play it right in the app if you're connected to your Spotify account. Auto Shazam listens to songs even when the app is closed. This is a great way to get to know every song that is played in the cafe.

Download: Shazam

2. Musixmatch

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

Musixmatch is the best lyrics app for iPhone. The application has a user-friendly interface and a huge collection of texts. You won't find this in Apple Music.

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

Another nice feature of Musixmatch is the widget. When you have a song playing, or when you recognize it, the widget will immediately show its lyrics. So you can start singing along without having to unlock your phone.

Download: Musixmatch

3. Genius

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

Musixmatch – to find lyrics, Genius – to understand them. Genius will not be able to show lyrics when the song is playing. The application is aimed at understanding the meaning of the songs.

Genius is the best app for this. Now you can find annotations for songs even from the authors themselves. So instead of reading someone else's interpretation, you read the thoughts of the musician himself.

Download: Genius

4. TuneIn Radio

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

If you like listening to radio, TuneIn Radio is the best app for you. The application has a large library of online radio stations, music and sports. It even features live commentary on NFL, NBA and MLB games for the entire season. The app also contains a library of 60,000 audiobooks and provides access to over 600 free commercial radio stations.

It is very easy to listen to the radio in TuneIn. You can control the app from Apple Watch, stream music to your TV via Chromecast, or play it in your car with CarPlay.

Download: TuneIn Radio

5. SoundCloud

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

SoundCloud is by far the largest free and independent music listening platform. If you like covers, EDM sets and hourly playlists, this app is perfect for you. The free version provides access to over 120 million tracks. You will receive recommendations and will be able to use standard features like playlists, etc.

SoundCloud currently has three subscription options: Go, Go + and Pulse, all of which are packed with features. With them, you can download songs and remove ads. They will also send some of your money directly to the musician.

Download: SoundCloud


10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

If you like compilations of songs, 8Tracks is the app for you. It has over 2 million free playlists, all created by music lovers like you. You will find a playlist for every occasion – for study, sports, romance, etc.

8Tracks is great because it introduces you to some really good music. You will find collections in the genres of alternative rock, hip-hop, electronica and jazz. It has a sleep timer and YouTube integration. The Plus app costs $ 4.99 per month and is free of ads and playlist interruptions.

Download: 8Tracks

7. Vox

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

Vox is everything at once. Depending on what kind of music you are listening to, it may turn into a different application. Vox is a music player for devices with iOS that supports FLAC files, over 30,000 radio stations, contains an equalizer, can stream music from SoundCloud and Spotify, and has its own cloud system.

If you want, you can buy Loop for Vox for $ 9.99 per month. You can upload unlimited music to the service and play it using Vox.

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

What makes the app stand out most is its design. It is not like other music players. All navigation consists mainly of vertical swipes, and movement between sections is almost imperceptible.

Download: Vox

8. Hype Machine

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

If 8Tracks is an app with collections from ordinary people, Hype Machine is from editors. Here you can find the hottest hits according to experts from all over the world. If the opinion of professional editors and songwriters is important to you, you need to install Hype Machine.

Download: Hype Machine

9. Songkick Concerts

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

Concerts are a big part of any music fan's life. There is nothing better than watching your favorite band perform right in front of them. SongKick Concerts is an application that will not let you miss a concert of your favorite band, just because no one told you about it.

The app connects to Apple Music, Spotify, Facebook and recognizes your favorite musicians from them. And then, when there is a concert in your city, the application will inform you about it. You can share the event with your friends or buy tickets right away.

Download: SongKick Concerts

10. Musi

10 apps on iPhone for music lovers

Musi turns YouTube into a music player. You just play the video, but it can play even when the phone is locked. In Musi, you can find and play a song, there is also a queue and playlist management function.

Download: Musi

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