What's new in iOS 10 beta 2

The world famous company Apple has pleased us with the long-awaited update for iOS 10. At the moment, the operating system is in the testing stage and some bugs have not yet been fixed, but there is still progress and we are talking about innovations and we want to tell you.

iOS - 10-all-changes-4 [1]

  • The build number of the new firmware is 14A5297c.
  • You can update only on these devices: iPhone 5s / 5c / 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6sPlus, iPod touch 6G, plus iPad Air, Air 2, iPad 4, iPad Pro and iPad mini 2, 3, 4.
  • You can download the updated version either on the official website or in the settings via the update system.
  • The update weighs about 500 MB.
  • ITunes 12.5 is required to use this version
  • Opened a store for iMessage in the Appstore.

  • Switching between the front and main camera is faster.
  • Now you can send photos in low resolution and small size to save traffic.

  • Added good old keyboard click sound.
  • The background for the folders has been made darker.

  • A new mode has appeared in maps: showing your parking spot.

  • You can now find your downloaded music in Downloads.
  • Localization for Russian has been improved.
  • Added 3D Touch control center gestures (flashlight bright, medium, weak)

  • In the US, a function has appeared for donating money for organ donation.

  • The system has become faster.
  • The function of turning on random music has appeared.
  • Widgets for unadapted applications are now not cropped in any way.

  • The FeedBack app allows you to send feedback to the company Apple.
  • Auto-lock is again available in the Display menu.
  • Added the ability to enable and disable “Emergensy SOS“

  • Changed the inscription on the lock screen.

  • The fonts on the four inch devices are aligned.

  • Also, you will be pleased with the new animation for opening folders.
  • If your mobile device is without technology 3D Touch, then we can please you — there is a preview opportunity.

  • The “Missed” section on the lock screen has been renamed to “Recents”.
  • The new “Finger to Unlock” feature is available in Accessibility.

  • Music is no longer optimized for storage.
  • The call region is now written under the user's phone number.
  • Your purchased ringtones can now be played on incoming calls.

  • If a contact does not have an avatar on the phone, then now his initials will be there.
  • The compass now detects location relative to sea level.
  • New sounds have appeared in the Alarm Clock.
  • Music can now be downloaded to cache via mobile internet.
  • If you send something using iMessage, you will notice that there is a new sound effect.
  • If you are in the Notification Center, then with a light swipe to the left, you will find yourself in the widget panel.
  • Improved animation Siri.
  • If the application decides to update you will be informed about it in the Notification Center.
  • Live notifications for iMessage are now available.
  • Applications and games stopped working if they were installed using the “corporate clients” profile.

  • The Weather Channel is shown at the bottom of the lock screen.

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