First reviews of iPhone XR

iPhone The XR will only hit stores this week and we already have the first reviews of the new smartphone. All reviewers praise the gadget and agree that the compromises Apple made to lower the price were worth it.

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Below we have collected for you the most interesting clippings from the first reviews about iPhone XR.

The verge

The publication called the display iPhone XR 'normal'. Most users won't even notice the difference in quality compared to the iPhone X and iPhone XS displays.

Display iPhone XR… normal. He's not bad! Its resolution and pixel density is lower than on OLED flagship smartphone panels like iPhone XS, Galaxy S9 and Pixel 3. However, it is the same 326 ppi as in previous iPhone with LCD – displays. If you switch to a new smartphone from any old one except iPhone X, you won't notice a huge difference in resolution. Most likely, the majority will not feel any difference at all.

Despite its low cost, Apple has given great attention to detail on the iPhone XR.

Round corners OLED – panels are easier: each pixel is highlighted separately, so they can be turned off one at a time. With LCD – panel this is not possible, since one backlight illuminates the entire display. Apple added small pixel holes at the corners of the XR display to mask some of the transmitted light, and also added curve smoothing to the software. This is a prime example of how much attention Apple pays attention to detail.

Despite having one main camera, the iPhone XR takes photos of the same good quality as the iPhone XS.

Most people who are going to buy the iPhone XR will be happy with its camera – it is much better than cameras on older iPhone, even iPhone X. However, the Pixel 3 still remains better, and photos from it are more natural and contrasting. Plus, the Pixel 3's wide-angle lens is better than the XS telephoto lens. Let's see if Instagram snapshots from iPhone take over.

The best? The iPhone XR battery can last longer than the iPhone XS, and about the same as the iPhone XS Max.

The XR's battery is larger than the X and XS and lasted for 13 hours of surfing the web, browsing mail, using apps, and more. That's about 6 hours of screen time like the XS Max, but more than last year's 8 Plus.

According to The Verge, Apple will sell a lot of iPhone XRs.

What is clear is that Apple will sell iPhone XR in tons. The smartphone is much better than the models of the era iPhone 6. It has a new processor and camera, a large screen and an updated design. In addition, it costs only 64,990 rubles for the model with 64GB of memory. That's about $ 50 less than the Pixel 3.


iPhone - XR-Engadgetr

Most users will be satisfied with the display.

After living with iPhone XR for a week, I can confidently say that most people won't notice the difference in screen resolution. If you press your nose against the display, you can see individual pixels. Plus, when you zoom in on the XR and XS, the difference can really be felt. However, it will not affect everyday life. Yes, this display is not the best from Apple, and it would be great if the company kept the standard 1080p. Even so, however, the display is good enough. It is unlikely that an ordinary user who switches to a smartphone from an old model will complain. Colors are vibrant and rich and the display looks great from any angle.

The absence of 3D Touch is unusual, but if you rarely use the function, you will not miss it.

It has nothing to do with the display, but the lack of function 3D Touch is noticeable. Many did not use the feature at all, and its presence would definitely increase the XR's value. However, it was added to the 6S in 2015, but it was not added to a smartphone that is much better than this model.

The main 12MP camera is pretty good.

The shots come out very detailed and the colors look great. Thanks to the f / 1.8 aperture, the smartphone shoots well in low light. Smart HDR technology improves dynamic range for even better image quality. In general, smartphone photos are pretty neutral.

Even the portrait mode works well despite the lack of a second main camera. However, it only works with people, not other objects.

There is also portrait mode, a feature introduced on the iPhone 7 Plus. To add it to a smartphone with one main camera, the company had to work hard. And she did it. The background is blurred and the subject's face remains in focus. In addition, the degree of background blur can be changed.

In terms of battery iPhone, the XR is really good.

One area where the XR is much better than the XS and XS Max is battery. XR works longer than all other models. Since so far we have only one smartphone to review, we could not disassemble it. We can't say for sure how big its battery is, but it lasts longer thanks to the lower screen resolution. In any case, I managed to squeeze 7 hours of screen time out of the smartphone, which is even more than on the iPhone XS Max.


iPhone - XR

The display is good, but not great.

In many plans, the display iPhone XR matches the display iPhone XS, but it remains different. The resolution is not as high as that of this year's flagships. The display of the iPhone XR is good, but it's not a OLED panel. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off the OLED – panel … Maybe LCD – the panel is not so bad.

The camera is as great as the iPhone XS.

When comparing the XR to the XS, the iPhone XR's camera is almost as good at taking photos and recording videos. The smartphone has a 12MP main camera and a 7MP front camera with 3D sensors and improved dynamic range. Overall, this is a great camera.

iPhone XR is a champion in terms of uptime.

I was impressed with how long the smartphone lasts on one charge. Plus size models work about the same number. The XR battery is even better than the iPhone XS Max.

It looks like a cheap display isn't such a big deal, and the iPhone XR is a great budget option. It has 90% of the iPhone XS features, but costs significantly less. At the same time, the smartphone works even longer.

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