100+ New Features iOS 12 You Need to Know About

Apple finally gave us the features we've been waiting for for nearly a decade. Consolidated notifications? There is. More Do Not Disturb Options? Sure. FaceTime conferences? Yes, but a little later. In addition, version iOS 12 will significantly improve device performance. The update contains a huge number of little things that make it very convenient.


  1. 1. Improved performance of older devices
  2. 2. Tab 'For you' in Photos
  3. 3. Recommendations
  4. 4. Recommendations when searching
  5. 5. Search by places and events
  6. 6. Support for RAW format
  7. 7. Improved import in Camera
  8. 8. New types of media files in Photos
  9. 9. Share photos via iCloud
  10. 10. Improved portrait light
  11. 11. QR code highlighting
  12. 12. Segmentation of portraits
  13. 13. New Animoji
  14. 14. Language recognition in Animoji
  15. 15. Memoji
  16. 16. Camera effects
  17. 17.Longer Animoji video
  18. 18. Integration of FaceTime in Messages
  19. 19. Screen Time
  20. 20. Program limits and At rest
  21. 21. Parental Control + Program Limits
  22. 22. Do not disturb at night
  23. 23. Do not disturb icon in Control Center
  24. 24. Disabling Do Not Disturb Mode
  25. 25. Consolidated notifications
  26. 26. Configuring notifications
  27. 27. Deliver without sound
  28. 28. Teams Siri
  29. 29. Recommendations Siri
  30. 30. New Commands application Siri
  31. 31. Section 'Commands' in settings Siri
  32. 32. Add to Siri
  33. 33. Improved translation
  34. 34. New knowledge Siri
  35. 35. Fact checking
  36. 36. A more natural voice
  37. 37. New voice Siri when translating text to speech
  38. 38. New phrase Siri
  39. 39. ARKit 2.0
  40. 40. Multiplayer AR
  41. 41. New format of augmented reality
  42. 42. Conservation
  43. 43. Object detection
  44. 44. AR Quick Look
  45. 45. New Roulette application
  46. 46. ​​FaceTime conferences
  47. 47. Apple Cards
  48. 48. Improved Tracking Prohibition
  49. 49. Blocking ads
  50. 50. Improved password management
  51. 51. Old passwords
  52. 52. Share passwords easily
  53. 53. Autocomplete passwords
  54. 54. Autocomplete codes
  55. 55. Siri and passwords
  56. 56. Appendix Apple Books
  57. 57. 'I am reading now'
  58. 58. 'I want to read'
  59. 59. Book shop
  60. 60. Audiobooks store
  61. 61. Search songs by lyrics
  62. 62. New page with performers
  63. 63. Play button for performers
  64. 64. Songs of Friends
  65. 65. Top 100 Songs
  66. 66. Appendix Apple News
  67. 67. New side menu on iPad
  68. 68. Application Promotions
  69. 69. Shares on iPad
  70. 70. Voice recorder
  71. 71. Automatic deletion of records
  72. 72. Synchronization iCloud
  73. 73. New Voice Recorder settings
  74. 74. Better support iPad
  75. 75. Chapters in Podcasts
  76. 76. Rewind setting
  77. 77. Headphone support
  78. 78. 'Listening now'
  79. 79. Auto update
  80. 80. Special alerts
  81. 81. Simple closing of applications on iPhone X
  82. 82. Safari Tabs on iPhone X
  83. 83. Gestures iPhone X to iPad
  84. 84. QR codes scanning icon
  85. 85. Site Icons in Safari
  86. 86. Battery Statistics
  87. 87. Dual Face ID Support
  88. 88.Swipe up to retry Face ID
  89. 89. New widget with music
  90. 90. New Trophies in the Activity app
  91. 91. More Colors in Markup Tools
  92. 92. Virtual trackpad on all iPhone and iPad
  93. 93. Hidden weather widget
  94. 94. New Dictionary
  95. 95. TV app notifications
  96. 96. The ability to share
  97. 97. Air quality index
  98. 98. USB Connection Limitations
  99. 99. AirPods Live Listen
  100. 100. Convenient access
  101. 101. New dictionaries
  102. 102. Third party applications in CarPlay

1. Improved performance of older devices

Apple has worked hard to add new features iOS 12 to all smartphones that support iOS 11. Including iPhone 5s! This time, the company has really improved the performance of the devices. At iPhone 6, apps start 40% faster, keyboard opens 50% faster, and camera opens 70%.

2. Tab 'For you' in Photos


The new tab is a cozy place for your memories, shared albums and recommendations Siri. Here you will also find recommended effects, other people's photos with you, etc.

3. Recommendations


Just like Google Photos, you can now easily share group photos with your friends. The Photos app will identify different events and places and then invite you to share those photos with other people. The system will select people based on face recognition. When you share pictures, recipients can share their pictures from the same event with you.

4. Recommendations when searching


Now, when you enter the first letters in the search, the Photos app will immediately offer you an option for categories, events, people, places and dates.

5. Search by places and events

You can find photos by the locations where they were taken. General definitions will also work. Event search has also appeared. Moreover, search now supports multiple keywords.

6. Support for RAW format

Now you can import and manage RAW photos right on your iPhone or iPad. If you have iPad Pro, you can even edit them.

7. Improved import in Camera

Camera import is faster and new large preview mode is supported.

8. New types of media files in Photos


Want to find a separate album with screenshots or portraits? There is now a whole new section on the Albums tab with different types of media files.

9. Share photos via iCloud


Users iCloud can now generate links to multiple photos or an entire album and then share them via Messages.

10. Improved portrait light

Portrait lighting is improved in iOS 12. The Camera app now applies a mask to a person's face, which recognizes and then separates the person from the background. Previously, the mode did a poor job with the edges of faces, but now everything is better.

11. QR code highlighting

When the Camera app recognizes the QR code, it will be highlighted and easier to scan.

12. Segmentation of portraits

New APIs for third-party developers allow you to split photos into layers. For example, the background can be separated from the foreground.

13. New Animoji

iOS - 12-New-Animojis

Four new Animoji characters have been added: ghost, koala, tiger, and dinosaur.

14. Language recognition in Animoji

Now you can stick your tongue out and the Animoji character will repeat after you. Blink recognition has also appeared.

15. Memoji

iOS - 12-Memoji-in-Camera-View-2

You can create your own Animoji characters. If you've ever used Bitmoji, then you know what this is about. You can create an animated version of yourself by choosing skin tone, eye and hair color, and more.

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16. Camera effects

iOS - 12-Memoji-4

When you open the Camera from Messages, you will see the effects icon in the lower left corner of the screen. With it, you can add filters, stickers, Animoji or Memoji to your photos. This is a very convenient way to send funny photos and videos, especially when using Memoji.

17.Longer Animoji video

Now you can record videos with Animoji up to 30 seconds long, up from 10 seconds.

18. Integration of FaceTime in Messages

You can now start a group FaceTime call from Messages. Users will be able to join it using the link in the message.

19. Screen Time


Screen Time provides detailed reports of how you use your device. You will find out which applications you use most often, how often you pick up your smartphone, etc. Data syncs across all your devices. In addition, you will automatically receive weekly reports.

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20. Program limits and At rest

Once you know how much time you spend on different apps, you can set limits on their use. When the time runs out, you will receive a notification and you will not be able to continue using the app. You can ignore the notification to get additional time.

Alone is an incredibly handy feature. When you set a schedule for it, it will automatically shield you from almost all applications on your smartphone. Only important applications like Phone will work. This is a great way to get rid of the habit of using your smartphone for a long time before bed.

21. Parental Control + Program Limits

Program limits are integrated with parental controls so that parents can set restrictions on their child's device through their device. You can set the total available time and time for individual application categories. Alternatively, you can place restrictions on adult content.

22. Do not disturb at night


When do not disturb mode is active at night, the screen will not turn on with every notification. If you touch the screen, a dimmed lock screen appears. In the morning, notifications will be hidden until you pick up the device.

23. Do not disturb icon in Control Center

You can now tap on the Do Not Disturb mode icon in Control Center 3D Touch to turn it on for a specified time. For example, you can turn it on only for an hour or for a meeting that is saved in Calendar.

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24. Disabling Do Not Disturb Mode

In iOS 12, the Do not disturb mode can be turned off automatically at a set time, location or calendar events.

25. Consolidated notifications


Apple has finally updated the notification system: now they are combined into groups not only by application, but also by correspondence and context. To view all messages in a group, you just need to touch it.

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26. Configuring notifications


You can now manage specific app notifications right from the lock screen. You can turn off notifications from a specific application, hide them from the lock screen, etc. For all this, you don't even need to go to Settings. If you have not used the application for a long time, Siri will offer to disable its notifications.

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27. Deliver without sound

The new Deliver Silent feature displays notifications immediately in the Notification Center and also makes them silent. You can activate it for any application by swiping left on the notification from it and selecting 'Manage'.

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28. Teams Siri

Commands Siri – one of the most interesting functions iOS 12. It allows you to perform chains of actions with one voice command.

29. Recommendations Siri

Recommendations Siri are now system wide. When Siri remembers your habits, the personal assistant will recommend you the right things at the right time. Recommendations will appear on the lock screen and in search.

30. New Commands application Siri

Apple integrated the Workflow application with iOS and is now called Teams. The interface has remained much the same as before. You can create commands that can perform multiple actions. You can come up with a command and then activate it and Siri will do whatever it takes.

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31. Section 'Commands' in settings Siri

In the settings section Siri and Search there is a separate section for Commands, where you can create commands for actions. Thus, you can write a message to someone, open a specific site in Safari, etc. The best thing is that you can keep your phrase that Siri will recognize and understand.

32. Add to Siri

Siri can execute commands in third party applications thanks to the new Siri Kit API. With the 'Add to Siri' button, you will be able to use some of the functions of third party applications via Siri. In addition, actions can be activated through any device, including HomePod.

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33. Improved translation

Translator Siri now supports over 40 languages. Previously, only a few were available.

34. New knowledge Siri

Siri got a better understanding of many things. Now your personal assistant can answer questions about anything, including motorsport. You can find photo memories and passwords via Siri. You can also find out statistics and results of sports matches and fights.

35. Fact checking

You can check facts about celebrities such as where they were born. You can also ask questions about food, including calories.

36. A more natural voice

Now the voice of the personal assistant has become more natural and expressive with an Irish accent, South African English, Danish, Norwegian, etc.

37. New voice Siri when translating text to speech

New voice Siri is also triggered when translating text to speech.

38. New phrase Siri

Siri now understands the following phrases: 'where is my phone', 'where is my watch', 'turn on the flashlight' and 'turn off the flashlight'.

39. ARKit 2.0


The new version of the ARKit platform is better at recognizing volumetric objects, better tracking faces, displaying reflections, etc.

40. Multiplayer AR

Now one augmented reality can be viewed by several users at once from different devices. You can play games with augmented reality in multiplayer mode.

41. New format of augmented reality


Apple made it easier to create 3D objects in augmented reality. The company has created a new format, USDZ, which makes objects easy to view in augmented reality. The format is easy to share via Mail, Messages, and even through a browser.

42. Conservation

Developers will now be able to add save and reload to augmented reality games.

43. Object detection

New tools have been added to detect and track moving objects.

44. AR Quick Look

AR Quick Look extends system-wide augmented reality iOS, allowing you to view and share virtual objects in News, Safar, and Files apps through Messages.

45. New Roulette application

iOS - 12-Measure-App-1

In the new Roulette application, you can measure the size of objects using augmented reality in the camera. It is enough just to point the camera at an object, and the smartphone itself will detect its edges and measure the distance.

You can also save, edit and share screenshots with measurements.

46. ​​FaceTime conferences


The FaceTime platform has finally been updated. It has a new design and support for conferences in which up to 32 users can participate simultaneously. This feature will be available later this fall.

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47. Apple Cards

In iOS 12 the Maps app has been updated. It now more accurately displays trees, pools, buildings, sidewalks and other elements. The display of traffic, real-time congestion status, road works, etc. has been improved. Map updates only apply to Northern California. In the future, they will be released for other US states.

48. Improved Tracking Prohibition

Now iOS prevents sites from tracking your activities without your consent. Safari also prevents advertisers from collecting data about your device.

49. Blocking ads

Apple continues to protect users from targeted ads. iOS 12 does not allow sites to recognize unique data about your device.

50. Improved password management

iOS will offer stronger and more unique passwords and will not allow duplicate passwords.

51. Old passwords

Old passwords are now stored in Settings.

52. Share passwords easily

Now you can easily share passwords with nearby devices. Can be shared between devices with iOS and Mac, and also with iOS and Apple TV. Passwords are transferred securely via AirDrop. The information appears in iCloud Keychain on the recipient's device.

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53. Autocomplete passwords

Developers of third-party applications can add password autocomplete to them, which will work without various extensions and switching between applications.

54. Autocomplete codes

This feature will be especially useful for users with two-factor authentication. Now iOS automatically enters one-time passwords and codes received in SMS. You don't even have to copy or remember anything.

55. Siri and passwords

Siri supports password management.

56. Appendix Apple Books


The iBooks app has been renamed and redesigned. Now the main section is the section with the books you are currently reading. The design of the books and audiobooks store was also changed. It looks like App Store.

57. 'I am reading now'

The Reading Now section will make it easy to get back to the book you are reading and also find great recommendations.

58. 'I want to read'

Add books to the 'Want to read' section so you don't forget which books you plan to read.

59. Book shop

It's easy to find interesting new books in the store and browse the most popular books and recommendations just for you.

60. Audiobooks store

The new audiobook store makes it easy to find captivating stories from your favorite authors. You can also find audiobooks voiced by your favorite actors and celebrities.

61. Search songs by lyrics

Now in the Music application you can find songs by their lyrics.

62. New page with performers

The artist page is now easier to view. You can open all songs of one artist.

63. Play button for performers

There is now a Play button on the artist page, by clicking on which you will play a random song by that artist.

64. Songs of Friends

You can listen to a playlist with songs of your friends, which will be updated periodically.

65. Top 100 Songs

A playlist is available with the top 100 songs of the day in your country and around the world.

66. Appendix Apple News


It has become easier and more convenient to view news in a special application.

67. New side menu on iPad

At iPad, the News app has a new sidebar for navigation.

68. Application Promotions


The Promotions app has been redesigned to provide more information on the state of the market. Interactive graphics have also been added. You can view the latest business news directly in Promotions.

69. Shares on iPad

The Promotions app has been added to iPad as well. It also has a side menu with the most important information.

70. Voice recorder

The design of the Dictaphone application has also been updated, which is also available at iPad. The interface for editing audio recordings has also been changed.

71. Automatic deletion of records

Now deleted records in Dictaphone do not disappear immediately, but are sent to the Recently Deleted folder, as in Photos. Records can be deleted after 7 days, 30 days, or instantly.

72. Synchronization iCloud

iCloud syncs your audio recordings across all devices with iOS.

73. New Voice Recorder settings

New options have been added to the Dictaphone section in Settings. You can choose the audio compression quality, change the default names, etc.

74. Better support iPad

Now the Voice Recorder app is available on iPad in both vertical and horizontal mode.

75. Chapters in Podcasts

You can view the chapters of the podcasts you are listening to. By clicking on a chapter, you can go directly to it.

76. Rewind setting

You can now select a rewind interval from 10 to 60 seconds in Podcasts.

77. Headphone support

Podcasts support rewinding through headphones or in the car.

78. 'Listening now'

You can manage the notifications of new releases in the 'Listening now' section.

79. Auto update


In the Software update section, a new Auto update option has been added, which is disabled by default.

80. Special alerts

There is a new type of alerts with important information, like reports from your doctors. They will even come with Do Not Disturb mode.

81. Simple closing of applications on iPhone X

In iOS 11, closing applications on iPhone X was long and inconvenient, but now the process has been simplified. You just need to open the app switcher and swipe the app up.

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82. Safari Tabs on iPhone X

Safari now displays tabs in horizontal mode just like on a computer.

83. Gestures iPhone X to iPad

Swiping down from the top right corner of the screen iPad will open Control Center. Swiping over the dock will open the home screen. The gestures are a little different from the iPhone X gestures, but they still seem familiar. To switch between recent apps, simply swipe left and right along the bottom of the screen.

84. QR codes scanning icon

There is a new icon in Control Center that opens the Camera and scans the QR code.

85. Site Icons in Safari


Now in the Safari settings you can enable the display of site icons in tabs.

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86. Battery Statistics


In the Battery section in Settings, graphs with statistics are now displayed. In the graph, you can view the charge level and energy usage over time. You can view data for the last 10 days. In addition, you can interact with graphs. Click on an item to view detailed information for a given time period.

87. Dual Face ID Support

In iOS 12 Apple added the ability to register a second person. This feature is intended for cases when Face ID does not recognize you with glasses or a beard. However, the function can also be used to add a completely different face.

88.Swipe up to retry Face ID

In iOS 12, you don't have to wait for another Face ID authentication attempt after an unsuccessful one, just swipe up.

89. New widget with music

The music widget on the lock screen and in the Notification Center is now dark.

90. New Trophies in the Activity app

The Achievements section in the Activity app has been completely revamped.

91. More Colors in Markup Tools

iOS - 12-Markup-Color-Picker

Markup tools for editing screenshots and images now support a wide range of different colors instead of 6 colors.

92. Virtual trackpad on all iPhone and iPad

In iOS 12 virtual trackpad 3D Touch appeared on all models, even without technology support. Just hold down the spacebar to turn your keyboard into a trackpad.

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93. Hidden weather widget

iOS - 12-Do-Not-Disturb-Weather-Widget

If you are using Do Not Disturb at Night, you can get access to a new weather widget that appears in the morning.

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94. New Dictionary

The dictionaries now have new options available in English.

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95. TV app notifications

Get notifications for new movies and TV shows in the TV app.

96. The ability to share

Now you can share your favorite movies, TV shows and sporting events with universal links.

97. Air quality index

The Weather app now displays Air Quality Index, but not for all cities.


98. USB Connection Limitations

iOS 12 contains a new security feature that requires a password to grant access when connected via USB if the device has not been active for over an hour.

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99. AirPods Live Listen

iOS 12 has a new universal access feature with great potential. It creates an audio bridge between your microphone iPhone and the headphones AirPods. The feature should help users with hearing impairments, but it can be used for other purposes as well.

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100. Convenient access

If you are using this feature, you can now swipe up to exit Easy Access mode.

101. New dictionaries

In iOS 12 there are three new dictionaries.

102. Third party applications in CarPlay

Now in CarPlay you can use third-party applications with navigation, like: Google Maps, Waze, etc.

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