What to expect from the new iPhone SE 2

The release of iPhone SE (acronym for Special Edition) was an odd decision Apple last year. Smartphone with a body iPhone 5s from 2013 and updated filling – an A9 processor and a 12-megapixel camera iPhone 6s. Some believe that after iPhone 5c for $ 549 in 2012 iPhone SE for $ 399 was the company's most daring attempt to enter the mid-priced smartphone market. In addition to the pleasant price, the phone was popular, according to the company, also due to the fact that there is still a great demand for compact phones with a 4-inch display.


The smartphone sold well in the west, but it peaked in countries like India, where it is now sold for $ 300 (due to the fact that it is made there).

While everyone is waiting for the release of iPhone 8 on September 12th, there were rumors that the updated iPhone SE will be released in early 2018, almost two years after the release of the first model. What should iPhone SE 2 be to become a worthy competitor to the rest of the line iPhone? Let's find this out.

1. Processor Apple A10 Fusion

As mentioned above, the original iPhone SE runs on an A9 processor. If the new models iPhone of 2017 will have the latest A11 processor, then it would be logical to use the A10 Fusion processor for iPhone SE 2 as on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. For example, Apple TV 4th generation was released with iPhone 6s in 2015 and ran on an A8 processor like iPhone 6 released a year earlier.

An A10 processor on iPhone SE 2 would work just fine as the phone won't have premium features like a high-resolution display or face recognition like iPhone 8. Thanks to a display with a resolution like iPhone 7 the A10 processor on iPhone SE 2 could even improve its interface, as the A9 processor did with the original model. The A10 Fusion processor is not weak: Compared to the A9, it is 40 percent faster, and the graphics quality is 50 percent better.

What to expect from the new iPhone SE 2

It is also the first quad-core processor Apple to feature two main cores and two for power-saving operation. They automatically switch among themselves depending on the load. The two energy-saving cores consume only 20 percent of the charge of the main ones, and are used for tasks like viewing mail. iPhone SE is renowned for its amazingly good battery life, and the A10 Fusion makes it even better.

The original iPhone SE had 2GB of RAM, with 3GB currently only available on 'Plus' models. Since the 4.7-inch iPhone 2017 will also have 2GB of RAM, there is a very high chance that it will be the same on the small iPhone SE 2.

2. Cameras as iPhone 7

The iPhone SE added a 12MP camera to the iPhone 6s, so you can expect the 2018 iPhone SE to add a new 12MP camera with a larger aperture like iPhone 7. A larger aperture means that the camera can capture more light and thus take better pictures even in less than ideal conditions. The True Tone quad-LED flash as on iPhone 7 should also migrate to iPhone SE 2 and replace the True Tone dual-LED used on the previous model.

What to expect from the new iPhone SE 2

One of the best solutions for the company would be to add optical image stabilization. For the first time Apple added the technology to iPhone 6 Plus, and two years later received it and iPhone 7. Optical image stabilization helps in two aspects: improved details in photos in poorly lit rooms and more stable video shooting.

As for the front camera, the iPhone SE had a 1.2MP camera, and the iPhone 6s had a 5MP camera. It would be nice if the iPhone SE 2 added a 7MP front camera like iPhone 7.

3. Improved display and 3D Touch (but not certain)

One of the most significant differences between iPhone SE and iPhone 6s was the lack of support for 3D Touch. The technology provides quick access to the main interface elements.

What to expect from the new iPhone SE 2

At iOS 10, the technology 3D Touch was implemented as much as possible throughout the system. Even many third party apps use the feature. To date iPhone SE is the only model that is actively sold but does not support 3D Touch. This is not to say that without 3D Touch iPhone would be considered obsolete. iOS 11 can be set to iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE, although they all don't support 3D Touch. However, some functions still do not work on non-technology models. Adding the necessary details to a 4-inch phone won't be easy, but without technology, the phone will look odd in 2018.

There is a very small chance that the resolution of 1136 × 640 pixels will be increased, and this is due to the 4-inch screen. The only update may be the addition of support for the wide color gamut DCI-P3 and the True Tone function, which adjusts the screen brightness to the light level. But in terms of functionality 3D Touch it will do more benefit than DCI-P3 or True Tone.

4. Touch ID second generation

Along with 3D Touch, iPhone SE also lacked the second generation Touch ID sensor. It was first added to iPhone 6s and has significantly increased the device unlocking speed. On iPhone SE the original Touch ID, which was introduced back in iPhone 5s. This update shouldn't bring any difficulties.

Adding support for 3D Touch to iPhone SE 2 would open another door – adding a fixed 'home' button. On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the button does not move. The vibration motor responds to pressing, creating a pressing sensation. How does this relate to 3D Touch? The same vibration motor is also responsible for creating unique vibrations during use 3D Touch. An immovable button would be a big plus as it is stronger and able to last longer than mechanical.

What to expect from the new iPhone SE 2

The removable button also helped make the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus waterproof and dustproof. However, it is likely that the company will leave these functions for more premium models.

5. Battery capacity as its predecessor

The iPhone 5s had a 1560mAh battery. On iPhone SE it was increased to 1624mAh. Despite the better hardware, the runtime of iPhone SE was much better than iPhone 5s. This improvement comes from the increased battery capacity and the new A9 processor.

iPhone SE 2 should retain the same good runtime as its predecessor. This will be achieved by the A10 Fusion processor and energy-efficient cores along with increased battery capacity.

What to expect from the new iPhone SE 2

Apple may decide to remove the headphone jack to leave more room for a battery, 3D Touch or a new camera. But due to the fact that iPhone SE is considered a budget model, the lack of a connector is unlikely to please potential buyers.


We believe the iPhone SE 2 2018 will bring the necessary improvements: the A10 Fusion processor, new cameras and a new Touch ID. With them, the small iPhone will be popular for the next few years. We would like to see it also have 3D Touch with image stabilization, but it is unlikely that with them the price will be able to keep the same low.

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