This jailbreak tweak will add control point iOS 11 to iOS 10

There will be tons of new features on iOS 11, and one of the most striking changes is the new control center design, which is completely different from previous versions. The new design has transformed the control room into a signage screen with all settings on one page rather than several.


If you like the new design of Control Center and can't wait for iOS 11 to be released, then you will love the new jailbreak tweak called ControlCenterXI. This tweak adds control point iOS 11 to iOS 10 and does it perfectly.

After installing the tweak, open Control Center and you will notice that it looks exactly the same as on iOS 11. Best of all, it functions exactly like Control Center iOS 11. You can swipe on brightness or volume to adjust their level, click on the labels, use 3D Touch to expand their settings.

As in iOS 11, if you click on one of the labels with 3D Touch, its additional settings will appear. If your device does not support 3D Touch, just hold down the plate for a long time and you will get the same effect.

ControlCenterXI supports other control center tweaks such as FlipControlCenter and Noctis. FlipControlCenter is a tweak that allows you to add additional signs to your control room and then view when the page with signs is fully open.

The tweak also contains a tab with preferences in the settings, where you can customize it for yourself. You can adjust the size of the control center plates, the presence of wallpaper on its background, and turn on the light interface. When everything is set up, restart your device for the changes to take effect.

If you can't wait for iOS 11 to come out, you can try it out right on your device with iOS 10, all thanks to ControlCenterXI. It, in combination with another tweak Lysithea X, allows you to enjoy new features iOS 11 on your device iOS 10 with a jailbreak, and you do not need to wait for the official release.

If you'd like to try installing the tweak, ControlCenterXI can be purchased from Cydia's BigBoss offerings for $ 1.50.

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