The best protective glasses for iPhone X

What can you do to protect your smartphone as much as possible? Buy protective glass, of course. Screen protectors are cheap, but can protect your iPhone X from scratches or worse damage.

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As is the case with cases and other accessories, there are now a huge variety of screen protectors. That is why we have made for you a selection of the best screen protectors for iPhone X.

Why do you need protective glass?

We assure you that screen protector is the best smartphone accessory. Spending a little money and a couple of minutes for installation, you will protect the main element of your smartphone – the touchscreen. Damage to the screen iPhone can affect its functionality with picture quality and lead to large cracks that will require changing the screen.

Using a screen protector will not only save you money, but it will also help you earn more if you decide to sell your smartphone in the future. Devices with screen damage are much cheaper than without them.

What does tempered glass mean?

Safety glasses come in a variety of materials, but they can be divided into two main categories: plastic and glass. Each has its own pros and cons. Tempered glass is almost always stronger than plastic, looks like a device screen, and is easier to install. But at the same time, such protective glasses are more expensive than plastic ones and can break if dropped.

Plastic protective glasses are cheaper, but they are rather difficult to glue exactly. However, with them, you don't have to worry about the screen breaking when dropped. In addition, some people like plastic even more than glass. In general, each category has its own pros and cons, so we have included both glass and plastic protective glasses in the selection.

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass

The best protective glasses for iPhone X

Tech Armor claims its safety glass is made from 'advanced technology HD ballistic glass'. Sounds like a regular marketing ploy, but the glass is really good. Its thickness is 0.3mm and its density is 9H. In addition, it is covered with an oleophobic layer from fingerprints and works with it 3D Touch. The price below is for a set of 3 glasses.

Buy: $ 10

Maxboost Tempered Glass

The best protective glasses for iPhone X

This protective tempered glass from Maxboost is very similar to Tech Armor glass, even for the price, but there are a few differences. Its thickness is 0.25mm. In addition, the glass has not only an oleophobic coating, but also a hydrophobic layer that protects against liquid. This protective glass is more suitable for covers, and also has a warranty. The set contains 3 glasses.

Buy: $ 10

MediaDevil Crystal Clear

The best protective glasses for iPhone X

MediaDevil glass has excellent reviews at Amazon. Among the advantages of this protective glass are easy installation, good quality, high strength and no marks after removal. The set contains 2 glasses.

Buy: $ 10

Anker Karapax Tempered Glass

The best protective glasses for iPhone X

Anker safety glass is advertised on many social media platforms. It is very easy to set up, cases match and works 3D Touch. The density of the glass is estimated at 9H. In addition, it is protected by DoubleDefence technology, i.e. Consists of two layers of glass for better drop protection. The set contains 2 glasses.

Buy: $ 9

Vomach Tempered Glass

The best protective glasses for iPhone X

Vomach glass is a little more expensive, but it is rated 5 stars by over 1,000 buyers, which means the price is justified. Among the characteristics are density 9H +, oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. In addition, the company assures that glass cannot be broken. The set contains 2 glasses.

Buy: $ 13

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