Rumors about iOS 10: everything we know about the next major update from Apple

In less than two weeks at WWDC 2016, Apple will present us with a major update iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As usual, the company announces new firmware at the annual developer conference and this year will not be an exception.

iOS 10 what is expected

As in previous years, a lot of information about iOS 10 has already been leaked from reliable sources and rumors that give us a good idea of ​​what to expect from the next version iOS.

The operating system is expected to bring many new features, with some new standard applications. The iOS update from Apple will include a smarter and more powerful Siri, a standalone HomeKit app, an improved camera app, and more. Read on to find out more about what is rumored for iOS 10.

  • Minor UI update
  • Smarter and more powerful Siri
  • HomeKit standalone app
  • Update Apple Music
  • Improved Camera app
  • Ability to remove standard applications
  • Improved iMessage app (Messages)
  • Improved Control Center
  • Improved Action Center
  • Improved lock screen
  • When iOS 10 released and compatibility

Minor user interface update

Rumor has it that there will be a UI update, but it will be a minor and not a global change like it was when upgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 7. According to Mark Gruman, slightly the colors of the Action Center will change, and some areas of the interface will have more rounded edges.

Smarter and more powerful Siri

Compared to Google Now, the virtual assistant from Apple – Siri is very limited in its capabilities. Apple has made minor improvements to Siri over the years, while Google go a step further and greatly improve voice control Google Now. On top of that, the company is unable to implement many features due to privacy issues that severely limit Siri's capabilities.

How exactly the company Apple plans to improve on Siri remains unclear, but the company is known to be working on an SDK for its virtual assistant, which will allow third-party developers to work with Siri. This should greatly empower Siri and make her smarter and more powerful. This should allow for things like ordering Uber via Siri, hotel reservations, and more. Siri in iOS 10 is expected to get better integration with HomeKit, which is poorly implemented at the moment.

HomeKit standalone app

Currently, managing multiple HomeKit devices in iOS is very confusing. It has long been rumored that the company Apple will release a separate HomeKit application that will allow you to manage various HomeKit devices in your home or office. According to rumors from the marketing department Apple, with the release of the firmware iOS 10, Apple may finally release this application.

What the HomeKit app will be able to do aside from supporting all devices at the same time remains unclear.

Update Apple Music

It is surprising that with iOS 10 Apple the service Apple Music is going to update, and this is less than a year after the official launch. The redesigned user interface of the Apple Music app will change towards a black and white design. The service will also receive wide support 3D Touch. The For You section will also receive an update in the form of a simplified user interface, although the recommendation algorithm will remain the same. The redesign will also receive a lyrics section.

Improved Camera app

Let's be honest: the current Camera app is pretty limited. The interface is a little confusing and the application has too limited functionality. The camera in iOS 10 is rumored to receive a major update, such as the ability to add text captions, draw arrows, etc. The drawing function is currently only available in the Mail app, but it may become available in the Camera app. The photo editor may also get a couple of new editing options.

Ability to remove standard applications

If in Android the main disadvantage is the presence of viruses, then in iOS one of the unpleasant moments is the inability to remove standard applications that are not used. These applications cannot be removed, as they are too deeply tied to the system and the best way to get rid of them is to simply place them in a separate “unnecessary” folder and move it away.

As expected from iOS 10, Apple will allow users to remove, or at least hide, stock applications that are not needed or used. Shortly after launching on iPhone 6S last year, Apple acknowledged this issue, so this feature should appear in iOS 10. Presumably in iOS 10 standard applications can also be removed via iTunes.

Improved iMessage app (Messages)

Apple adheres to the “it just works” principle, the same principle applies to the iMessage app, but at the moment the app is too simple. Other popular messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram have significantly more features than iMessage. While there have not been any leaks or rumors about the Messages update, many hope and expect Apple to update iMessage.

Apple can also add the ability to send money using Apple Pay to people using iMessage.

Improved Control Center

The company Apple in 2013 introduced the control center with iOS 7. Since then, the control center, apart from some minor changes, has received almost no changes. Now is the time in iOS 10 to add the ability for users to customize the control center according to their preferences. The Control Center needs the ability to add and remove shortcuts. Although there were no rumors about changes to the control center, there is still hope that Apple in iOS 10 will make some changes

Improved Action Center

Let's be honest: the call center at iOS isn't pretty. Compared to the alert center Android, the alert center iOS is terribly useless. While the company Apple has made some improvements over the past two years, the Action Center still needs significant updates and improvements. Let's hope with iOS 10 Apple finally does it.

Improved lock screen

Last but not least, the lock screen may also receive some improvements, such as style notifications Apple Watch, but optimized subscreen iPhone.

When iOS 10 released and compatibility

The first beta iOS 10 should be presented during WWDC 2016, the final version iOS will be released in September one week before the release iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As for compatibility, there were no rumors about this, but most likely iOS 10 will be compatible with iPhone 5 and higher, support for iPhone 4S will end this year .

We have written just a short list of the improvements expected from Apple to iOS 10. Of course, other key iOS features such as Apple Pay, Apple Maps and iCloud should also receive some improvements, although not yet. known.

What do you think about the innovations iOS 10? What would you like to see in iOS 10? Write about this in the comments.

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