Rumor has it iPhone 8 will cost more than $ 1000

Without a doubt, “iPhone” is not a cheap device. For example, a device iPhone 7 Plus, 256GB of storage, no discounts from mobile providers, has a price tag of $ 969.00.

iPhone - 8-CiP-concept [1]

As reported by the Fast Company, the next flagship model iPhone 8, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the first smartphone iPhone, will be able to offer users such a number of innovations that will become a sufficient basis for the company Apple charge even more than $ 1,000 for this smartphone. Namely, “drastic design changes” and “premium quality components,” can cause the device iPhone 8 to cost much more than the “$ 1,000 mark,” an unnamed source cited, “familiar with company plans Apple. ”

As for the message itself, some of its claims confirm earlier rumors. The source describes the device as “a sleek black monolith with few visual inclusions in a sleek, sleek design.” It seems like these words fit into the claims of previous reports that at least the 'Home' button and the '3D Touch' sensor will be built into the screen of a mobile device.

According to the source, this kind of technology for the 'Home' button is still 'under development', but the main goal of the company Apple is to get all the components ready by the time the device is released iPhone 8 this year. Further, an unnamed source claims that the company Apple will get rid of the use of any physical buttons on the device, even on the side faces, including volume buttons, mute button and 'Power' buttons.

“The company Apple is developing technologies that will eliminate the use of the physical 'Home' button on the device iPhone, our source claims, namely, move it under the display surface. That is, turn it from a physical button into a touch button. Our source says the technology is still 'under development', but the company Apple is likely to make every effort to accelerate the development of this technology in order to use the new 'Home' button in the device iPhone 8, which the company hopes will become the undisputed champion for the number of innovations ever introduced in a new model. ”

The source says that iPhone 8 will use “a much larger battery.”

The report also indicates that the planned display in the new model OLED, which “looks great and will occupy the entire front of the smartphone,” will also increase the price of the new model under development iPhone 8 , since for the company Apple its cost is twice the current cost of LCD panels.

Finally, the report also indicates that the company Apple is working with Lumentum on 3D sensor technology. However, the source was unable to provide details on what this might mean in the future model iPhone, suggesting that this technology could serve as another security barrier and be used to recognize users' faces during authorization:

“Our source claims that the company Apple is working with Lumentum (which emerged from the split of JDS Uniphase in 2014) on 3D sensor technology for the new flagship smartphone model. However, at the moment it is not clear how this technology will be used. Perhaps it is used to recognize users' faces during authorization. It can also be used in conjunction with a camera to improve the quality and resolution of a photo. It can even be used in some sort of augmented reality application, according to our source. ”

All of these assumptions are in line with previous reports. The device iPhone 8 is expected to have a wide variety of innovations, including wireless charging capability, and display sizes ranging from 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches. It is also interesting to note that many reports indicate that while many analysts believe the device will be named 'iPhone 8', there are also analysts who believe that Apple can name the new device as “iPhone X.”

“The new 5.8-inch smartphone will probably be called 'iPhone 8', but some believe that Apple will call the device” iPhone X “which sounds a lot cooler.”

If these rumors about the upcoming flagship iPhone come true at least half, then this will be enough for us to look forward to the release of this model. Can you scrape that amount into such a device?

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