Review Apple iPhone SE: The design is gorgeous, and the hardware is 'beast'

iPhone SE is not a super phone for gaming and other media content in 2016, but iPhone SE is a great iPhone. Crafted in the best classic tradition iPhone 5s and 5s, yet powerful like 6s. In general, this iPhone can be compared, either with a magic wand, or with something else, inexplicable, which appeared from the deep thoughts of Tim Cook. I tend to lean towards the former, and I'm actually very impressed.

Overview iPhone SE

Overview iPhone SE: Physical Specifications

In 2014/2015, all companies try to copy the design of iPhone 6 / 6s, nothing unique remains. The classic design iPhone 4 and 5 gives us a lighter girth, more concise design. This is what makes iPhone unique in 2016. Apple iPhone SE Review Here are my impressions of unboxing. iPhone SE comes, as always, in a beautiful box that is simple in design. The phone, which arrived straight from the factory, was fully charged (98%). When you pick it up, you immediately remember why you love this design in the first place. The cool, smooth metal sides (flat edges enhance this impression) fit perfectly in your hands, with less chance of slipping out of them, which is what sets the iPhone SE apart from iPhone 6 in the first place. Apple iPhone SE unboxing and first impressions The body is made of aluminum (steel was used in iPhone 4, but later it turned out that for iPhone 5 and beyond, it was too heavy). It has a matte finish that helps to make scratches and other damage less visible. iPhone SE oblique The good old screen, left over from the iPhone 5s, has a resolution of 640 pixels, which is pretty low for a 2016 smartphone, but at 4 inches it looks great, you need to use a magnifier to see the pixel! Front view with Control Center One important detail is that Apple has deprecated 3D Touch in iPhone SE. If you remember, in early articles and reviews regarding iPhone 6s, I talked about how I was not sure if this feature is important enough for the user interface to be included in iPhone SE . My conclusions are based on how user-friendly the “deep” touch interface was. After all, such features greatly complicate the tactile experience and device management. And looking to the future, 3D Touch may prevent AMOLED from being embedded in the system. At the bottom of the screen is the TouchID instead of the home button. Unfortunately, the sensor built into the button is the prototype of the first generation of scanners (iPhone 5s). This can be done for some logical or non-logical reasons. But the sensor is still fast and unlocks the phone within a second. However, iPhone SE is not fast enough, which is one of the biggest surprises. For example, in iPhone 6s, touch recognition is so fast that the phone screen literally flies under the fingers. Even if you try to click on the camera icon on the unlock screen, you simply won't have time to do it! But there is a solution to this problem. You can try to press the button with your fingertip, then you will not have time to register. Or you can pick up iPhone SE and calmly click on the icon, because the recognition speed here is a little slower, in this context, slow means good. Below are the microphone, speaker, headphone input and Lightning port. These are all inherited from iPhone 5s. The sound of the speakers is loud enough and of high quality, but rather “simple”. Most likely, in such a small case there is simply not enough room for powerful “bass”. In this part of the company, it is worth paying attention to companies such as HTC and MOTOROLA. Apple iPhone SE unboxing and first impressions


Probably the last thing the iPhone SE inherited from the iPhone 5S is the 1.2MP front camera. In general, don't expect high-resolution selfies. The rear camera in SE is completely identical iPhone 6s. But in 6s the camera protrudes from the body, thus forming a kind of “hump”; This means that it is still possible to fit a dual flash and microphone without disfiguring the form factor. Close up with the flush 12MP camera Below are photos to help you evaluate the quality of the camera. Although the results shown here are no different from the results shown iPhone 6s. As usual, I present the full photo first, and then its enlarged counterpart. Please note that all photos are 4: 3, i.e. do not match the aspect ratio of the screen. Presumably, Apple does this in order to enable all pixel sensors, rather than shamelessly cropping to 9MP, as other firms do: Sample photo from the iPhone SE 1: 1 crop from the SE photo Sample photo from the iPhone SE 1: 1 crop from the SE photo Sample photo from the iPhone SE 1: 1 crop from the SE photo Sample photo from the iPhone SE 1: 1 crop from the SE photo Sample photo from the iPhone SE 1: 1 crop from the SE photo

Iron and battery life

The insides of iPhone SE are very identical to iPhone 6S. The A9 processor (1.84 GHz) and 2GB of RAM means the iPhone SE is just fluttering.

Hard Internet surfing is given to the smartphone “in the light”. Full pages of The New York Times and Forbes load in less than 5 seconds! While the video in iMovie is edited in maximum quality (1080p) for about 5 minutes, this is comparable to the result of my MacBook (though pretty old)!

Also, I ran the AnTuTu test and the results are shocking, iPhone SE gave 128.786 points, compared to iPhone 5S 39.030, which is called “the result on the face”. In other words, the older the iPhone, the more it does not change the level of user use, while smartphones have two years of difference. But I will return to this in the conclusion.

iPhone SE comes out of the box with iOS 9.3 preinstalled. Previously, I used an iPhone with 64 GB of memory, since the operating system itself occupies 4 GB, the younger version of 16 GB would have left me with 12 GB of memory “on hand”. At first this would be quite enough, but gradually, over about six months, all your photos, videos, music and other media files will clog all your memory. So, trust me, I believe that smartphones in 2016 should be equipped with at least 32 GB of memory. iPhone SE from the rear

It is impossible not to mention the RAM. iPhone 5S came to us with 1 gigabyte of RAM. But now smartphones Apple have built-in A9 processors and this is not enough, so 2GB of RAM is perfect. Scenes look especially good in 3D games.

There is one “but”. Such amount of memory requires more battery consumption (necessary for performance and speed). But it turns out that the A9 is so efficient that iPhone SE lasts even longer than iPhone 5S. It is worth clarifying that the capacity of iPhone SE is also slightly larger (1642 Mch, versus 1560 Mch.)

iPhone SE is not intended for long watching movies, media, games, etc., for this there is iPhone 6s, but for one-time and quick procedures, such as Apple Pay. At the same time, on such monsters as iPhone 6s by the evening, after active use of multimedia and games, 30% remains (by ten in the evening).

Software and features

Everyone knows that iOS 9 works on all iPhone, starting with 4s, while not all functions iOS reach devices, in other words, some functions are cropped for better quality work. The screen itself in iPhone SE has a diagonal of 3.5 inches (working area), thanks to which it is very easy to reach different corners of the screen, namely, to the back button. Thanks to this size, the hand does not strain at all and calmly reaches any area. One-handed use, thumb reach During my review, almost everything I wanted to do on my smartphone iPhone SE was doable. Although, there are some things that annoy me. One of them is the keyboard, every time it slides out, it feels like every button is fighting for screen space, all of this together looks very awkward and untidy. Also, there are problems with mail, when large images come, they simply do not fit on the iDevice screen. For a system of this level, such negligence is simply unacceptable. I understand, maybe I'm too picky and grumpy, but I was very enraged by the moments when my favorite games were very much lagged due to the fault of the developers, because there can be no talk of a lack of horsepower in a smartphone! Let me take you on a short illustrated tour of iOS on iPhone SE: iPhone SE home screen and Control Center The main screen iPhone SE can fit 20 icons. Night Shift and camera settings Night Shift, a new feature that came to us with iOS 9, allows you to change the temperature over the course of the day. Also, in the settings, you can adjust the capabilities of the camera (video format, 4K or 1080/720 p).


Apart from the small display, there are quite a few pitfalls in SE and this is in 2016. Low resolution of selfies, no one really bothers, the lack of a barometer for measuring altitude, I also think it will affect a few. But there are also two big problems, such as the slow fingerprint scanner and the lack of 3D Touch, which were all discussed above.

Who Will BuyBuy iPhone SE? Mostly, owners of old iPhones who are looking for a good replacement for their device, for whom a smart camera and the ability to make contactless payments are important. This type of people works, not walks the Apple Store in an agonizing search for a phone.

Update fox 2.5 year old iPhone 5S? Quite a difficult question. Not because this smartphone isn't worth it, but because the iPhone 5S is still a good smartphone. Throughout my testing, I was haunted by the thought “everything you do now on this smartphone, you can do on iPhone 5s”. The decisive argument can be the presence of NFC, if this is what you are missing. Well, the camera is also better.

Also, the owners of iPhone 6 / 6s have the right to take a look at SE, they can be put by a feeling of nostalgia and a desire to return to their “first love”, to return their favorite form factor.

As I said earlier, iPhone SE is ideal iPhone in many ways. Steve Jobs told the truth, – “The original vision of the device and beautiful appearance, will hide any flaws,” well, do not forget that the price is also in favor of this iPhone. The price for iPhone 5S starts at 36,990 rubles, this is the price for iDevice 2013 in 64 GB, while SE in the same build costs “only” from 47,990 rubles. iPhone SE will not set sales records, but it is clear that the company has released a “solid smartphone” that will help it tailor the entire market to itself.

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