Protective glass for iPhone 8 confirms bezel size rumors

Almost immediately after the release of the models iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, rumors began to appear that when developing the next model iPhone 8, the main emphasis will be on radically changing it design compared to previous generations of this mobile device.

iPhone - 8-alleged-screen-protector [1]

Up to this point, it was believed that Apple in the new model will introduce many innovations, but the most anticipated was a significant reduction in the size of the side display bezels. There were rumors that the size of these frames will only be slightly reduced, but most of the information leaks claimed that there will be no frames at all, since the entire front surface of the device will be used OLED – by the screen.

Renders iPhone 8 were recently introduced, showing the complete absence of the bottom bezel on the front of the device (the traditional location for the Touch ID sensor and home button), with minimal side bezels and a dedicated area at the top part of the front panel of a very small size, set aside to accommodate the front camera and other necessary sensors.

We have now been presented with an alleged screen protector for iPhone 8, the design of which is still not officially confirmed. As pointed out in a tweet by Benjamin Geskin that appeared over the weekend, the screen protector featured a small protrusion to protect the sensors located at the top of the front panel in the center, while space to the left and right of the specified area will be allocated to the display.

# iPhone 8 Render aligned with tempered glass.

– Benjamin Geskin (@ VenyaGeskin1) June 17, 2017

A screen protector for an as yet undeclared mobile device is real and can be purchased from MobileFun for $ 31.99. The screen protector is said to support gesture functions 3D Touch and to protect the entire display surface.

Interestingly, SlashLeaks also has a video of a similar screen protector, with the same shape and cutouts at the top. It seems that the manufacturers of accessories have already entered the race to be the first to guess correctly the design of the future mobile device months before its official release.

What do you think of this rendering if it really turns out to be the final design for a mobile device?

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