Priority , ShortLook , Ultrasound and other new jailbreak tweaks of the week

Recently, the number of new tweaks has decreased as all the attention is now focused on developing new jailbreak tools. Fortunately, this does not apply to this collection. Today we are going to tell you about all the new tweaks released over the past week, and we will start as usual with the best ones.

Cydia - iOS - 11-500 × 353

Best tweaks of the week


Priority-768 × 831

Notifications are a huge part of any smartphone owner's life. If you have a lot of friends and just followers, you probably get a lot of notifications.

Priority is a jailbreak tweak that will help you distinguish important notifications from everyone else. With it, you can select the priority apps with notifications, and they will always be displayed at the very top.


ShortLook-768 × 417

ShortLook is a new notification system for smartphones that makes it easier to view them when the device is on the table.

The tweak displays notifications in the center of the display against a dark background. It bundles app notifications. When you lift your smartphone or touch the screen, notifications will return to the previous standard list view.

The tweak is supported by all devices, but on iPhone X with OLED – the display will consume less power due to the dark background.



The volume control panel in iOS is awful, but the Ultrasound tweak solves this problem.

The tweak not only moves the small panel to the edge of the screen, but also adds vibration feedback when the volume reaches maximum or minimum. The tweak even contains a special economy mode for OLED – displays.

Other tweaks

Amour: New unlock animation for iOS 11 (free via Packix repository)

Better3DMenus: Customize Menu 3D Touch (free via BigBoss repository)

Chatter for Hinge: Adds auto-save for Hinge conversations (free via BigBoss repository)

Clean Home Screen: Removes unwanted items from the home screen iOS (Dynastic repository)

Cornuicopia: Rounds the corners of UI elements iOS (free via BigBoss repository)

FastDeleteX: Immediately deletes pictures from the Photos app without saving them to recently deleted ones (free via BigBoss repository).

FBDarkAdmin: Dark Mode for the Facebook Pages app (free via Packix repository)

Gif2Ani V2: Set any GIF image as a respring animation (Dynastic repository)

GMEnhancer: Add-on for Google Maps with zoom, transparency, and more (free via BigBoss repository)

NoLockScreenCamXI: Removes the Camera icon from the lock screen (free via Packix repository)

NoMoreSkinToneSuggestion: Disables skin tone selection when using emojis (free via BigBoss repository)

PhoneForceOpenKeypad: Displays the keyboard when launching the Phone app (CydiaGeek beta repository).

Simple Power Down: A simple shutdown interface (free via BigBoss repository)

SoftCalc: Customize the look and feel of the Calculator app (free via BigBoss repository)

Swipe2ViewAccounts: Swipe up in Twitter (free via BigBoss repository)

Topless Keyboard: Removes unnecessary buttons from the keyboard iOS (BigBoss reoption).

Twitter Experiments: Additional features for the app Twitter (free via Packix repository)

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