November top 25 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2

Recently, there have been many different, interesting and convenient jailbreak tweaks that can take your interaction with your iPhone to a completely different level. We've rounded up the 25 best new tweaks for iOS 9 here that we're sure you'll love.

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If you have Auris installed, when you connect an audio headset, a window will automatically appear with a list of available music applications that can be launched directly from it.

Baumans (Font)

Baumans is a great font for BytaFont 3 that's simple and minimal.

BytaFont 3

With BytaFont 3, you will be able to change the standard fonts iOS to whatever you like. Various custom fonts can be found in the Fonts section of Cydia.

CCClockOpenToAlarm 8+

The Control Center interface contains several Quick Launch applications. CCClockOpenToAlarm is designed exactly for what its name says: when you start the Clock application, it immediately opens the tab with alarms.


CCircle is a small tweak that makes Quick Launch app icons in Control Center round.


ColorBanners is an interesting tweak that allows you to change the color of the notification window to any color you choose: green, red, yellow, etc.

This tweak is located in the Cydia repository of


With ColorPredictive, you can customize the color of the Predictive text as desired.


ColorSwitches also serve one purpose, it allows you to customize the colors of the switches in iOS 8 and 9.


When you connect headphones to your device, the EarphoneStatusBar places the headphone connection indicator in the status bar.

Eclipse 3

Night theme iOS. The color scheme of the interface of all applications changes to a darker one, more comfortable for perception in the dark and reduces the strain on your eyes.


When you listen to music on your iPhone and decide to start the game, your phone will automatically pause the music. Ethos removes this feature and allows your music app to run in the background when a game is running.


Hides the menus of individual applications in Settings.


A simple but interesting tweak, IconArt automatically changes the Music app icon to the cover of the album currently playing.


KeyVibe implements haptic feedback in iOS 9. For some hardware reasons, this tweak only works on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

KeyVibe can be found in the following repo:


Lylac brings a variety of improvements to the app switcher iOS 9, such as: 3D Touch – gestures, the ability to end all apps with a single swipe, customization of the switcher's appearance, and much more.


Manilla gives you the ability to apply 3D Touch peek and pop actions to folders on your home screen. This action opens a context menu that lists all applications inside the folder. Any of them can be started with tap.

To install Manilla add the repo to Cydia.


The tweak removes the panic button from the password entry menu.


Inspired by the alert design Apple Watch, this tweak changes the appearance of the lock screen alert preview iPhone. Now they are displayed not just as text, but in the form of cards with replicas, just like on a wristwatch from Apple.


Ophelia removes app icons from alerts.


The tweak makes the interface of the passcode input window on the lock screen transparent.


If you've never used the favorites tab in the native Phone app, then this tweak will appeal to you. PhoneAppNoFav removes this tab from the application.


The picture-in-picture function is available out of the box on some models iPad, but it turns out that if any of your iOS 9-devices has a jailbreak, then this function can be used on it too, by installing the PictureInPicture tweak from Rpetrich.

The tweak is here:


Spotit is a very interesting tweak, it displays the Reddit feed in Spotlight. The most interesting Reddit news is now available in your Spotlight window, and from there, you can open it immediately in Safari.

Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3 is a famous and wonderful jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize any interface elements iOS, from the Lock screen and home screen dock to system animations. Springtomize can completely change the look and feel of the system interface.


Typically, Safari can have a maximum of 30 tabs open at a time. Xaris removes this limitation and allows you to open any number of tabs.

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