New features have been added in iOS 12 3D Touch

Apple added several new options to iOS 12 related to QR codes and document scanning, and can be opened using 3D Touch and the Notes and Camera icons on the home screen.

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These additions may seem pointless at first, but they are actually very useful, as in iOS 11 the company added the function of scanning QR codes and scanning documents through the camera.

Scan QR codes from the home screen

To open this option, tap on the Camera app icon on the home screen and select Scan QR Code. This will open the main camera and disable zoom, video, portrait mode, and other shooting modes.

New features have been added in iOS 12 3D Touch

When you do this for the first time, a screen will open with an explanation:

Use the Camera to scan QR codes. Once the code is recognized, tap on the notification or hold it down to view more options.

Click Continue to close the message and aim the camera at the code.

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The option works even if you have disabled the scanning of codes in the Camera settings, and you can very quickly scan the QR code at any time using the menu 3D Touch.

Scan documents from the home screen

In iOS 11, Notes introduced the ability to scan documents based on camera, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and even ARKit technology.

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Now in iOS 12, the document scanner can be opened with one click 3D Touch on the Notes application icon on the home screen.

New features have been added in iOS 12 3D Touch

This will automatically open the app, create a new note and launch the document scanner in it so you can start scanning instantly. Point the camera at the document and take a photo.

Control point

New options are also available in the Control Center.

New features have been added in iOS 12 3D Touch

Open Control Center and then use 3D Touch to tap on the Camera or Notes icon to open additional options. To do this, add icons to the Control Center via Settings.

Apple did not change much the 3D Touch features in iOS 12.

The new scan options for codes and documents indicate that these are the two most popular and used functions of Camera and Notes. In this regard Apple decided to make access to them even easier.

Some may think that the company has simply highlighted two old features, but such a solution will still be appreciated by those who use them often.

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