New and Hidden Features iOS 11.1

The first major update iOS 11 is out and should definitely be installed. It takes up about 300MB of memory and contains three key changes: battery consumption is smarter, the system is more stable, and there are new emojis. Below we will consider all the changes in more detail.

iOS - 11.1-Whats-New

1. New emoji

New and Hidden Features iOS 11.1

There are over 70 new emojis in iOS 11.1, and some of them are very interesting. Some of the brightest are the grimacing face and exploding head. All new emojis can be found in Emojipedia.

2. Switching applications using 3D Touch

New and Hidden Features iOS 11.1

Finally returned the function that many have been waiting for. In iOS 11 it was not possible to switch applications with 3D Touch, but in 11.1 it was returned.

New and Hidden Features iOS 11.1

The function seems to work better. Now you need to press the screen not so hard. Just tap on it with 3D Touch and move to the desired application by sliding your finger. In addition, the gesture is much faster than in iOS 10.

New and Hidden Features iOS 11.1

The keyboard now offers several emoji to choose from. Previously, the system recommended only one option in the center of the row.

4. Fixed Accessibility function

New and Hidden Features iOS 11.1

In iOS 11, it was not possible to open notifications using Easy Access. Now you can swipe from the center of the screen and open the Notification Center. This feature will be especially useful for owners of 'Plus' models, as not everyone can reach with their thumb to the very top of the screen.

5. The system has become more stable

iOS 11.1 fixes battery problems experienced by older model owners. Version iOS 11.1 corresponds to version iOS 11.1 Beta 5, and users who installed the latest beta already noticed an improvement in battery and system performance.

Other changes

As with any update, in version 11.1 Apple, slightly changed interface elements and animations. The most noticeable change is the new animation when you click on the status bar to quickly return to the top of the page. Now it slows down just before the top and looks smooth.

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