New AirPods 2 may come out in December 2019

All attention is now focused on what Apple will release in the near future, but this does not prevent analysts from speculating about the more distant future.

Apple - AirPods - test7

An analyst from Barclays believes that in 2019 Apple will release not only something updated, but also a budget version of something, as well as get rid of some function. The company expects a lot of changes.

Let's start with AirPods. According to the analyst, AirPods 2 will be released during the 2019 holiday season. Earlier, there were rumors that the company would release updated headphones, and that they could be waterproof and soundproof. In addition, the new headphones will cost more than the current ones.

Apple is also working on a new budget smart speaker under the Beats brand. Earlier rumors claimed that it will be released before the end of 2018, but now it is reported that the column will also be released in 2019.

Now about 3D Touch. According to analysts and sources, the 3D Touch feature will disappear from smartphones by 2019. However, this information is not yet accurate and plans are subject to change.

There is nothing surprising in the new information, even if you have not followed the rumors before. We know there are new AirPods and budget smart columns coming out. However, information about 3D Touch is of interest.

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