Malleus , Moonshine , TWPlus and other new jailbreak tweaks

If you have a device with a jailbreak iOS 11, then you are probably trying to keep an eye on new tweaks for it, and we will help you with that. Today we are going to tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks released over the past week, and we'll start as usual with the best ones.

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Best tweaks of the week


malleus-745 × 485

On iPhone X and newer from iOS 12.1, pressing 3D Touch on the camera and flashlight icons on the lock screen plays a sound.

Malleus adds this sound to other jailbreak devices iOS 11.


Moonshine-768 × 740

Moonshine is a new jailbreak tweak that adds charging animation Apple Watch to iPhone. When you connect your smartphone to a power source, a screen will appear on the screen in the style Apple Watch.

We wrote about the Moonshine tweak before, but it is now available as a public version, not a beta version.


TWPlus-768 × 828

TWPlus adds many new features and options to the app Twitter, including the ability to download videos.

After installing the tweak, new options will appear in the application settings. You will be able to download videos both from the feed and from private messages.

Other tweaks

DirectNoInstaOpen: Prevents the Direct application from launching Instagram (CydiaGeek beta repository).

DirectNoScrollingIndicators: Removes the scrolling indicator from the Direct application (CydiaGeek beta repository).

MtTitleWidgetName: Lets you change widget names iOS (free via BigBoss repository)

PrivateSafari: Password-protect your Safari website history (free via Packix repository)

TippedTWB: Adds 5 useful features to the Tweetbot app (ca13ra1 beta repository).

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