Lock screen concept iOS 11 suggests a lot of changes

Despite all the talk about iPhone 8, we haven't heard of a future version iOS yet. The new version of the smartphone should come out with iOS 11, so it's fair to assume how the updated OS will look like. The fresh concept gives an idea of ​​what Apple can do with the new version iOS, in particular the lock screen.


The new concept from Birchtree showcases a new lock screen design that gives the user more control. It involves adding a small weather widget. It is possible that Apple will allow third-party applications to show the weather forecast in this place.

Next comes the merging of notifications from individual applications: if some application tries to display several notifications, they are shown in one window. It would make a lot of sense and would significantly reduce the waste of screen space.

With 3D Touch you can view and respond to alerts individually, allowing more advanced control of your phone from the lock screen. Interestingly, the concept also raises the issue of tagging a location for messages. This could be an optional feature enabled, for example, for Find My Friends contacts.

Lock screen concept iOS 11 suggests a lot of changes

Something called 'Smart Alerts' is also demonstrated by this concept. They will show a short description of upcoming events, as well as their date and time. The data is based on your current location; there is even an opportunity to receive information about the upcoming trip through Apple Maps. Smart notifications are controlled with gestures tossed to the settings panel.

Lock screen concept iOS 11 suggests a lot of changes

After all, the concept adds some of the most used apps right below the lock screen, which saves a lot of time. Since Apple is rumored to be able to place the fingerprint scanner right under the display panel, this looks very real. A new marker of notifications is also displayed, in addition to the number of notifications, it conveys information about their type.

While we likely won't see all of these ideas implemented in iOS 11, this layout gives us an idea of ​​what to expect from the next major update iOS. Most likely Apple will discuss the future iOS at WWDC 2017, which will be held in San Jose after June 5th.

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