List of best tweaks for iOS 10 [Jailbreak]

Технически джейлбрейк 'Yalu' для iOS 10.0-10.2 от Луки Тодеско всё ещё находится в стадии бета-тестирования, тем не менее, начиная с версии бета 6, этот джейлбрейк считается ‘стабильным, на сколько это возможно в настоящее время’ и теперь его можно рекомендовать публичному использованию, выражаясь словами самого Луки Тодеско.


With this in mind, if you already have a jailbroken device or are just about to do so, you might want to know about the best new iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks, and that's what we're going to talk about in this article.

List of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10

The list contains jailbreak tweaks that have been developed in the last few months to be compatible with iOS 10:

Horseshoe Tweak

The 'Horseshoe' tweak is by far the coolest tweak written for iOS 10 of any tweak I have come across because it can be used to consolidate a multi-page Control Center into a one-page interface.

This tweak not only improves the look of the user interface, but also improves its functionality, namely, it provides control of some important music playback settings with one click, without unnecessary gesture in the form of a swipe.

I especially love this new slider that lets you control either brightness or volume at will, rather than having to deal with two separate sliders that take up precious screen space. The same can be said for the buttons for switching between different modes in services AirPlay / AirDrop / Night Shift, which are now all consolidated into a single control bar, instead of two separate rows that unnecessarily take up screen space.

The 'Horseshoe' tweak is priced at $ 1.99, but it took a lot of time to develop and write to make the Control Center so cool and user-friendly and yet fully functional.

Eclipse 4 tweak

The 'Eclipse' tweak is the most coveted tweak of the entire jailbreak community, so when it was finally updated to full support iOS 10, there was no hesitation about including it on this list.

With this tweak, you enable dark mode in iOS 10 on all your apps on devices iPhone or iPad. Night mode can be activated or deactivated at any time using the 'Activator' or 'Flipswitch' option settings.

Most importantly, you can control the use of chroma and you can even control which applications and interface elements get the new color scheme. With such a high level of customization and consistency, this tweak is head and shoulders above any other night mode tweak and is without a doubt the undisputed leader.

Combined with other tweaks that we will tell you about below, you can get the coolest and most unusual hack iPhone.

You can read our full review of the 'Eclipse 4' tweak to learn more about it and its functionality.

'Noctis' tweak

For those who have always wanted to have some kind of 'dark interface' on iOS, like the one that has been present in macOS for some time, then the 'Noctis' tweak is for you.

This tweak obscures the interfaces of the Control Center, the application dock, the volume control window and even the Control Center.

The tweak does not darken the application interface, but it can be used in conjunction with other tweaks like 'Eclipse' or 'Nightmode9' for a more complete effect.

'CCRecord' tweak

The 'CCRecord' tweak is actually a simple and free jailbreak tweak for devices running iOS 10 that adds a shortcut to the Control Center to record what is happening on your screen iPhone.

It is interesting to note that in iOS 10 there is code for a similar process and even there is a switch in the Control Center for this, but the jailbreak developers have found a way to activate this hidden feature on jailbroken devices.

After clicking on the button, the native Apple process of video recording of the screen starts, and which will continue until you click on this button again in the Control Center. After that, the .MOV file will be saved in the 'Camera Roll' application, which will record all your actions on your screen iPhone.

'CCLowPower' tweak

The 'CCLowPower' tweak is another free tweak for Control Center on devices running iOS 10 and is designed to display a hidden toggle for low power mode in Control Center.

Obviously, the company Apple is experimenting with this feature and in iOS 10 there is already a hidden code for this, but this tweak simply activates this option in advance for owners of jailbroken devices.

The button, when pressed, activates the low-power mode, pressing it again disables this mode. The button turns green when the mode is activated, and dims when it is turned off.

Evanesco tweak

The 'Evanesco' tweak is another great and free tweak for iOS 10, designed to give a cool authenticity to your device iPhone in rare moments of rest.

When you do not touch your iPhone for some time, objects on the home screen are blurred to improve the view of the wallpaper picture on the screen. Erasable objects include application icons, the dock itself, and the status bar menu. If you touch the screen, then everything will return to normal.

Most of the time, you're certainly not going to sit and stare at your device's home screen, but it's still another way to add some authenticity to your jailbroken device iPhone running iOS 10 .

Tweak 'Cream 2'

The 'Cream 2' tweak is a jailbreak tweak for the Control Center in iOS 10 that allows you to color the toggle buttons in any color when you activate one mode or another, and it's completely free.

This tweak is intended primarily for those who would like the interface of their device to be different from all other devices. This is achieved by choosing a color scheme, with which you can give a little personality to your device.

'Creamless' tweak

The 'Creamless' tweak is essentially the opposite of the 'Cream 2' tweak; instead of coloring the buttons in the Control Center, this tweak completely removes any colors from them. Despite its functional opposite, it is also provided free of charge.

This tweak is intended for adherents of a minimalist style who cannot see a rainbow every time they use the Control Center buttons. This tweak effectively makes the switches glow when they are activated and dims them when they are not activated.

'Littlemoji' tweak

iOS 10 contains oversized emoticons that are used in the 'Messages' application when sending or receiving messages without text, which resembles the functionality of stickers in the 'Facebook Messenger' application.

For those who do not like this solution and would like to return to the practice that took place in iOS 9, the tweak 'Littlemoji' is a free tweak that aligns the size of emoticons in received and sent messages with the size of a line of text.

This means that the smiley takes up less space and you can easily understand what the conversation is about with one quick glance.

'Cuttefish' tweak

The 'Cuttlefish' tweak is a free tweak that colorizes your '3D Touch' gesture menu and its blurred background to match the predominant color of the application icon on which the '3D Touch' gesture is applied.

This tweak is for aesthetic purposes only, offering zero functionality, but it looks very cool, making your iPhone stand out from the rest.

Most importantly, this tweak works seamlessly with extensions like 'Forcy' and 'RevealMenu' on devices that do not initially support '3D Touch' gestures, so everyone can benefit from using this tweak.

Tweak 'CCTButtonActions'

The 'CCTButtonActions' tweak is another notable, free and cool jailbreak tweak for iOS 10. It allows you to use the' 3D Touch 'gestures on toggles to navigate to their respective settings tabs in the app' Settings'.

If you need to quickly navigate to the 'Bluetooth', 'Wi-Fi', or 'Do Not Disturb' service settings without launching the 'Settings' app, for example, then this tweak is for you. It also switches to the 'Airplane Mode' settings window if you apply the '3D Touch' gesture and the 'Display & Brightness' settings window if you apply the '3D Touch' gesture on the Lock icon .

'NoSharePlz' tweak

The 'NoSharePlz' tweak is a simple tweak for iOS 10 that saves you the annoying “Share This App” message in the '3D Touch' menu options on the home screen.

In most cases, no one actually uses these menus. From time to time, users were asked to develop a similar tweak in order to remove these menus and free up some space.

'Gorgone' tweak

The 'Gorgone' tweak is a free jailbreak tweak that provides 'Slide Over' and 'Split View' multitasking functionality on devices that do not support this functionality and are running iOS 10.

Since this functionality used to be usually limited to support only certain models iPad, there were models that could not use this feature, by the way, the owners of devices iPhone and iPod touch also fell under this discriminatory practice .

After installing this tweak, with a simple swipe from the right edge of the screen, you get access to a selection of applications from the list, which will allow you to work with two windows of simultaneously open applications.

Mentionable tweaks on this list

1) Tweak 'Activator'

The 'Activator' tweak is truly a basic tweak for any jailbroken device iPhone, and in Ryan Petrich's beta repository, you can download the beta version of the 'Activator' tweak for iOS 10. Need to say something else?

2) Tweak 'Barrel'

A truly classic tweak that allows you to animate the flipping of home screen pages. Till now works without problems on iOS 10.

3) Tweak 'CallBar'

A great way to change the window interface for an incoming call in iOS 10 without using a rude full screen notification.

4) Tweak 'ForceInPicture'

If you are a user of a device that does not natively support Picture-in-Picture, then you can use this tweak to force the activation of this function.

5) Tweak 'iFile'

The 'iFile' tweak is a truly essential tweak for any jailbroken device iPhone and allows you to view and edit the contents of your iOS device's filesystem. Useful for removing occasionally accumulated debris. Not officially supported in iOS 10, but everything seems to work.

6) Tweak 'PowerDown'

My favorite way to do a reboot when needed. When you press the 'Power' button, a window appears with reboot options, such as respring, reboot, shutdown, transfer to safe mode.

7) Tweak 'TetherMe'

Another classic tweak. If you need to use your iPhone as a personal access point to the Internet, and your mobile service provider does not allow you to do this, then you can use this tweak to force activation of this function.

What else do you need to know?

There are a large number of tweaks released every day, so it's hard to talk about them and every classic tweak that has been around for many years. Considering the above, if you need to get information about a tweak that is not on our list, then I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with the table of tweaks compatible with iOS 10, which provides complete information on the compatibility status of most of the existing ones. moment jailbreak tweaks.

It should be borne in mind that since the 'Yalu' jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2 is still in beta testing, many jailbreak tweak developers are still developing software for the platform iOS 9 and many more did not update their designs. With this in mind, all tweaks for both iOS 9 and iOS 10 are considered “up to date” at this time, so we will most likely continue to meet with jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9, despite the existence of a public jailbreak for iOS 10.

Since Saurik finally resumed the ability to shop in the 'Cydia 1.1.28 (stable)' store in iOS 10, developers will now be able to offer paid versions of jailbreak tweaks on the platform iOS 10. What should lead to an increase in the number of jailbreak tweaks launched.

Last but not least, remember to be careful when installing tweaks to iOS 10, because not all jailbreak tweaks are compatible or stable with it. All attempts to use jailbreak tweaks and jailbreak on your iOS 10 device, you do at your own risk and without any implied insurance, which is confirmed by practice since the first ever jailbreak.

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