Issues and bugs iOS 11 Beta 2

Earlier this week Apple released its second beta version iOS 11 for compatible devices iPhone and iPad. In addition to the introduction of several new features, a large number of bugs have been fixed in the latest beta version iOS.

Errors and bugs iOS 11

This includes returning the search bar in the YouTube app, integrating third-party cloud file storage services into the Files app, gestures 3D Touch in the Photos app, showing an Update button next to the app in App Store ', for which there is an update, and more.

However, since iOS 11 is in beta testing, there are still a lot of bugs in it. Below we bring to your attention a list of the errors and bugs we have identified so far.

Bugs and errors identified so far

  • Gestures 3D Touch on the Home screen do not always work correctly and contain a large number of errors.
  • Blocking inappropriate content in 'Safari' does not work. The same issue occurs in iOS 11 beta 1.
  • The swipe up to close applications does not always work when using the 'App Switcher'. In some cases, the application window simply disappears slide down.
  • Sharper tactile sensations when working with the system, which may not please everyone.
  • Mail app notifications are not displaying correctly in Notification Center.
  • Sunrise time is displayed in Weather app, no sunset time.
  • When trying to save any content to 'iCloud Drive' when using the 'Save to Application' Files option, the application itself hangs.
  • The App Switcher stutters and drops frames when scrolling the window.
  • The app review feature also does not work in this beta.
  • Third-party keyboard layouts such as 'SwiftKey' and 'Gboard' with Messages app do not work.
  • The mobile data function does not start working immediately after updating to the second beta version.
  • Some iPhone 7 owners do not have 'iTunes' ringtones after upgrading to beta 2.
  • Many users do not see the 'Apple Watch' option in the 'Bluetooth' settings after upgrading to the second beta.
  • Some users experience a lack of synchronization between the Messaging app and the services iCloud ', and some users do not have this option at all.
  • Many users are unable to use the app 'App Store' after upgrading to the second beta version iOS 11. It seems that repeatedly restarting the device temporarily helps to solve this problem.

Here we have presented only a part of the problems that we have found so far in iOS 11 beta 2. I am sure that there are many other errors in this development version that we did not notice, so if you find an error in iOS 11 beta 2, which is not mentioned in our list, then let us know about it in the comments below.

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