IPhone 8 will get flexible OLED – display and sensor '3D Touch' new generation

The 'iPhone 8' device, which many believe will be the company's flagship smartphone Apple in 2017, is rumored to have a ton of innovations and new additional features compared to previous generations. .

iphone6s_touchid [1]

One such rumor, which is striking in its consistency, is the appearance in the device OLED – a display that KGI Securities analyst Min-Chi Kuo reiterated in his analyst report today. According to 9to5Mac, the upcoming flagship model will use a flexible OLED display panel that folds over the sides of the smartphone.

However, using this technology means that the company Apple will have to change the currently used pressure sensor '3D Touch', as the two technologies are not compatible with each other. Thus, Kuo expects the company Apple to move away from the 'FBCB sensor' and switch to using the 'film sensor', which will mean a wider range of readings of sensor pressure levels '3D Touch' and will generally increase its overall sensitivity.

Kuo adds that the company Apple uses an embedded metal structure around the sensor area '3D Touch' because OLED – the panel is more fragile than LCD panels. However, at the same time, Kuo does not specify whether this part of the structure will be external or internal.

The 'iPhone 8' device is rumored to have a lot of new features compared to the current lineup iPhone. It is believed that there will be wireless charging capabilities, a new 'Touch ID' sensor and facial recognition software, better waterproofing, and more.

Are you already eager to know what has been prepared for us in the device 'iPhone 8'?

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