IPhone 8 rumors: what to expect from the 10th anniversary smartphone Apple

People started talking about iPhone 8 even before iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came out last September. Part of the reason is that last year's models used the existing design iPhone 6, released in 2014. The iPhone 7 models contained many internal changes: A10 Fusion processor, dual camera, dust and water resistance, extended battery life, stereo speakers and more memory. And the 2017 model has raised such interest thanks to its radically new design.

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There are only a few days left until the release of iPhone 8, so what do we know about the next model iPhone? All known information is listed below.

Note: There are many versions of what the new model will be called iPhone – iPhone Pro, iPhone X or iPhone Edition. We will know the exact name only on September 12, so for now we will call it iPhone 8, as we did the whole previous year.


The body iPhone 8 will be made of glass and aluminum, this combination has been used for iPhone for the last three years. The dummies targeted at case makers speak of the return of the glass back that was first used on iPhone 4 in 2010. Glass won't be as strong as aluminum, but it looks better and can provide wireless charging. iPhone 8 will also be dust and waterproof, and it will be better protected than iPhone 7.

Almost the entire front of the phone will be occupied by the display. An exception to this is the 'notch' at the top of the screen, which is often referred to as 'notch'. This notch will house a speaker for calls, one of the two main speakers, a front-facing camera and sensors for face recognition. iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone without a physical 'Home' button.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Facial Recognition Test: pic.twitter.com/dVooMPMgfh

– Mel Tajon (@MelTajon) September 2, 2017

Starting with iPhone 5s, the 'Home' button had a Touch ID sensor – a function for scanning a fingerprint. With the abandonment of the 'Home' button, Touch ID will be replaced by face recognition. The technology works on the basis of infrared scanners and is more reliable than all existing ones at the moment. It will work even from a horizontal position and in complete darkness. And work really fast.

The models were produced in three colors – black, silver and 'copper-gold'. The latter two will have a white front, and the notch stands out more than the black model. But it looks like Apple considers the notch to be part of the design iPhone 8, and the engineers call the split top of the display 'ears'. The edges of the phone will be made of high-gloss stainless steel.

IPhone 8 rumors: what to expect from the 10th anniversary smartphone Apple


iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch bezel-less display. This is slightly larger than the 5.5-inch display iPhone of the 7 Plus. It will fit into a case the size of a case iPhone 7. The display resolution will be 2436 × 1125 pixels. Apple first uses OLED – a panel for iPhone (such panels have been used for Apple Watch for several years).

The display will receive two more improvements – True Tone technology, which will adjust the display brightness to the lighting, and ProMotion, which will increase the display refresh rate to 120Hz.

The function 3D Touch will be kept as it is already actively used in the system iOS and many applications. Implementation of technology 3D Touch in OLED – the display will cost Apple one and a half times more than in LCD – displays. It is not surprising that the price of the next model will be significantly different from the previous ones (this will be discussed below).


iPhone 8 will run on A11 processor. It is manufactured using a 10nm process that should significantly improve its power output. Given that this model will be the flagship model Apple, it will contain 3GB of RAM, like the 2017 'Plus' models. So much RAM is needed for the dual main camera to work.

In terms of cameras, there will be two main cameras at iPhone 8, stacked vertically. They will take better pictures than the iPhone 7 Plus cameras, but the essence of the combination remains the same. Only this time, both cameras will have optical stabilization, like on the Galaxy Note 8. This means that photos and videos with double zoom in poor conditions will look better than without zoom.

IPhone 8 rumors: what to expect from the 10th anniversary smartphone Apple

Thanks to the A11 processor, 4K video can be captured at 60 frames per second. Both cameras will use the ARKit sensors mentioned above. This is an augmented reality platform Apple that has already attracted the interest of many developers. Both cameras will better recognize the situation and select modes for it (the codename of this function is SmartCamera).

The base variant iPhone 8 will contain 64GB of memory, while the other two will contain 256GB and 512GB.

IPhone 8 rumors: what to expect from the 10th anniversary smartphone Apple

It is said that iPhone 8 will have a huge 'L' shaped battery with 2700mAh for its size. In comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus, which is much larger, contained a 2900mAh battery. Although phones with Android use 3000mAH batteries, experience shows that iPhone lasts the same amount of time even without a large battery. The larger display and new components will consume more power, but the battery life will still be decent.


iPhone 8 will work on iOS 11 like other supported models (the update can even be installed on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6) . But since the phone will contain significant changes like the absence of the 'home' button, we expect changes in the system as well. There are two theories about this.

The first is to place a virtual 'home' button instead of a physical one. And the navigation buttons, which were previously located at the top, will be moved down. It makes sense: the 'Home' button has been part of iPhone for the last ten years. It would be logical to keep as many similarities as possible.

This is also interesting pic.twitter.com/JdYDhZDkev

– Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) August 21, 2017

The second theory is that Apple will completely get rid of the button and replace it with gestures to open multitasking, etc. The reports said it would work the same as the dock on iPad with iOS 11. A video demonstrating this method was found in the firmware HomePod. The firmware code also contained information that Siri could be called with the power button on the side.


It was rumored that iPhone 8 could cost as much as $ 1,400, double the starting price of previous models. But, judging by the latest news, the price may be less. Analysts suggest that iPhone 8 with 64GB of storage will cost $ 900, and with 256GB it will cost $ 1,000. That's still well above the $ 649 and $ 769 prices for the Plus model. That is the price tag for the other two new models this year, and they will look like last year iPhone.

These are all currently available rumors about iPhone 8. Less than a week is left until the presentation of the phone on September 12, and we will get answers to all the remaining questions there.

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