IOS 11 Beta 5: 5 new features and changes

About a month remains until the autumn presentation Apple, which means the release iOS 11 is getting closer. Recently Apple released the fifth beta version iOS 11, and we can clearly see how the system is gradually improving. The company hasn't added any significant changes this time around. Here's what's new on iOS 11 beta 5.


1. Removed messages in iCloud (for now)

The Messages tab in iCloud, where you could make a copy and sync iMessages across all your devices, has been removed. According to the postscript, it will be returned in the future.

2. Icon of data output in the control room

IOS 11 Beta 5: 5 new features and changes

The Music widget in the Control Center now has a small icon with an antenna in the upper right corner. Click on it, and a screen with data output will pop up, on which you can switch between the playing audio. This is a great update that will make it much easier to switch between multiple columns or Bluetooth devices.

3. New icon design

New in iOS 11 beta 5: Lines removed from Camera icon and Settings icon slightly tweaked.

– iOS News And More (@ iOS NewsAndMore) August 7, 2017

Icon design changes are ongoing. This time, two lines have been removed from the Camera icon, and the Settings icon is made in darker colors.

4. Screen recording indicator

IOS 11 Beta 5: 5 new features and changes

The screen recording indicator is now red instead of blue.

5. New loading screen on iPad

IOS 11 Beta 5: 5 new features and changes

Now on setup iPad, you will see two new loading screens telling you how to use the dock and the new multitasking system.

IOS 11 Beta 5: 5 new features and changes

Bug fixes

The release contains many fixes. Now when you swipe down to go to the title, the screen does not jump to the very top of the page. Work 3D Touch when interacting with numbers and addresses has also been fixed. AirPlay in the video no longer occupies the entire screen, and applications do not crash because of it.

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