IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

The fourth beta version iOS 11 has been released, and it contains several long-awaited changes to the interface of the home screen and notification center. This is the fourth update, and Apple continues to add support for new features to the system instead of introducing us to them right away. Here are all the new features iOS 11 Beta 4.

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1. The swipe option was returned to the notification center

In iOS 11, notifications keep changing. This time, we have added a feature that we are all used to – swipe. And there is a little catch.

You can swipe left and right on a notification both on the lock screen and in the notification center.

IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

Swipe to the left to open additional options like 'reply' or 'clear'. Swipe to the right and you will see a new 'open' button.

IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

The cool thing about this system is that if you swipe to the edge of the screen, the action is automatically selected. Just swipe right to the edge of the screen to clear the notification, and left to open it in the app.

2. Touch ID is triggered when you click on a notification

IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

Yes, now you can simply tap on a notification to open it. Only now, when your device is locked, you will see a new full screen window that asks you to log in using Touch ID.

3. 'Fake 3D Touch' no longer works

In previous beta versions, devices without 3D Touch could support the same functionality with a long press. With a long press, for example, additional options were shown in notifications. Now the feature is gone, at least in the notification center. If you hold the notification to iPhone 6, nothing happens. Interestingly, on iPad the function still works.

4. New icons for standard applications

Apple just updated a bunch of icons. People are going wild, but they're pretty minor.

– Eli Schiff (@eli_schiff) July 24, 2017

It may not be a huge event, but in iOS 11 Beta 4 the icons of standard applications were changed. Icons have been updated in the following applications: iTunes Store, Stocks, Weather, Home, Notes, Phone, Photos and iBooks. The most intriguing change is the Music app icon.

5. Control room design

Apple continues to change the appearance of the control room. This time, a new animation has been added when interacting with switches. Battery saving mode and screen recording look different when you click on their icons.

Also new in iOS 11 beta 4: New Control Center animations of the screen recording and low power mode icon, also countdown for screen recorder

– iOS News And More (@ iOS NewsAndMore) July 24, 2017

The timer icon has also been updated. Plus, when the timer runs, the icon turns blue and the animation starts.

6. Improved screen recording

Now, when you press the screen recording switch, a three-second countdown will start before recording starts. This should be enough to close the control room and return to the screen you want to record. After the countdown, an animation appears and the switch turns red.

In addition, the screen recording text was returned to 'start recording'. Beta 3 had the text 'start broadcasting', which led some to believe that iOS 11 will add a broadcast feature in the future. It looks like it won't.

7. You can update the tab with updates in App Store

You can now drag the update page down to update it.

8. New cover in Notes

IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

Updated cover of Notes. It now displays document scans, instant notes and format settings.

9. New Cover Photo

IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

There is a new Photo cover which highlights Live Photo Effects, Live Photo Editing and New Memory Features.

10. The Wi-Fi icon has changed a bit

Beta 4's Wi-Fi icon lines are slightly thicker.

11. New AirDrop section in settings

IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

AirDrop has its own section in Settings -> General. On it, you can change AirDrop settings, restrict only to contacts, or open access to everyone.

12. Synchronization has changed iCloud Message

IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

Synchronization iCloud Message now appears as a sign in section iCloud. Previously, it was displayed in Messages.

13. Updated memory metrics

IOS 11 Beta 4: 15 new features and changes

The section with information now shows the original amount of memory (32/128/256), and not the real one (which is always slightly less).

14. Application switcher

When you close all apps in the switcher, they will close automatically and you will be taken to the home screen. When no application is open in the switch, and you double-click on the Home button, it will not open.

15. Bug fixes

This is the fourth beta, so many bugs have been fixed. This time we fixed the 'update all' button in App Store. On the home screen, keyword searches work as they should and are now in the right place.

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