How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

In terms of technology iPhone X is the best smartphone ever released Apple. The company took many risks: a bezel-less display, a notch in the screen, new gestures for control. In general, everything worked out for her. However, the system iOS in combination with the new model could be much more convenient. Many features, like Control Center, need improvement.


There is little that can be done with technology, but in iOS 12 Apple it could have made many changes that would make the lives of the owners iPhone X (and iPhone 11) lighter.

#1. Control Center Location

How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

Even after six months of using the smartphone, getting used to the new location of the Control Center is difficult. It is inconvenient and takes too long to open it. In iOS 12, you need to change either its location or the Control Center itself.

One could combine Control Center with a multitasking screen.

# 2. Battery percentage in the status bar

How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

Now, to see the battery charge as a percentage, you need to swipe down from the top right corner of the screen. It's just that the percentages are not displayed in the status bar. If Apple wanted to, she could change the position of the battery icon and add percentages to it. We don't even insist that this be the default, but it's worth giving users a choice.

# 3. Face ID work

Face ID depends on the A11 Bionic processor, but the technology doesn't seem to work at its full capacity – it's rather slow. Apple can add features to iOS 12 that will make Face ID faster.

#4. Lock screen icons

How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

Apple would do with iOS the same way as with Apple Watch. Locked smartwatches always display icons with weather, events, reminders, time zones, etc. The same could be added to smartphones.

#five. Ambient Mode

Y iPhone X OLED – display. If Apple wanted it, she could add 'Ambient' mode like on smartphones with Android. When you raised your iPhone, you would immediately see the date, time and other icons. The rest of the screen would be blank. Apple could show on-screen notifications and even gestures 3D Touch.

# 6. Customizable gestures 3D Touch on the lock screen

At the moment, there are two icons at the bottom of the lock screen – a camera and a flashlight. The camera icon is useless as it is easier and faster to simply swipe the screen to the left.

Apple should allow users to customize these gestures, even if the list of available ones is limited. It would be very convenient to open the same Control Center in this way.

# 7. Emoji string on keyboard

How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

On iPhone X below the keyboard there is a lot of empty space where you could add an emoji line. Thus, it would be much faster and more convenient to write messages with emoji.

#8. 'Picture-in-Picture' mode

How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

There is no point in this mode on 4.7-inch models, but for iPhone X and 'Plus' models Apple it could well use 'Picture in Picture' mode, as in iPad. The technology is already ready, you just need to add it to your smartphone.

#nine. Split Screen Mode

How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

Screen iPhone X is very high. If rumors are to be believed, the next one iPhone will have a bigger and taller screen. Apple could add 'Split View' to larger smartphones. It will be useful to many users.

#ten. Improved portrait lighting

How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

In iOS 11, the portrait lighting feature was introduced. It is part of the portrait mode that appeared on iPhone 7 Plus. Portraits are pretty good, but the same can't be said for portrait lighting. The function rarely works as it should and almost always results in face blur, etc.

Portrait mode was not good initially either, so hopefully iOS 12 will see better portrait lighting.

#eleven. Closing applications

Due to the Home gesture on iPhone X in the switcher, you cannot close them by swiping up. Thus, it is impossible to accidentally close the application, but it is inconvenient. You have to pinch the card with the application, and only then you can swipe it away. Hopefully iOS 12 will make it easier to close applications.

#12. Correcting bugs

iOS 11 on iPhone X works quickly and reliably, apart from a few bugs. It's almost impossible to use 3D Touch at the bottom of iPhone X. In addition, there is often a 5-10 second delay when receiving an incoming call. Also, the lock screen music widget does not work perfectly.

#thirteen. Dark mode

How could iOS 12 improve on iPhone X?

Of course iOS needs dark mode. iPhone X OLED has a display, and so many applications already have dark mode, it's time to integrate the function into iOS.

Apple already tried this. Apple Watch is a great example of good use of dark mode. Even Apple TV has a dark mode just like the Mac. Only iOS remains. The company has added a 'Smart Invert' feature, but it's far from perfect. Apple, very little left!

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