Hacker and creator of 'Houdini' Abraham Masri will no longer work in the field of jailbreak

Abraham Masri, also known as cheesecakufo, who created Houdini, a semi-jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 as well as for iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2, announced that he will no longer work on public projects related to jailbreak.


Here's what he tweeted:

All of my jailbreak projects are open source. I will no longer work on them (and other public projects), but if you would like to improve them yourself – go ahead. Good luck! <3

Here's what you can do with Houdini:

  1. Hide / change application names.
  2. Clear the cache of all applications.
  3. Change display resolution.
  4. Hide / change option names 3D Touch.
  5. Edit Recommendations Siri.
  6. Change keyboard theme (style iOS 11 or any pictures).
  7. Change the color and size of the icons.
  8. Change the theme of Control Center.
  9. Change music control icons on the lock screen.
  10. Block ads (iOS 11).
  11. Change emoji (iOS 11).
  12. Change logo at boot (iOS 11).
  13. Add your face to Animoji (iOS 11) (X only).
  14. Reduce loading times.
  15. Change the shape of icons (iOS 11).

It is unknown why Abraham chose to retire from the jailbreak field. He is one of the most talented hackers who managed to hack iPhone and customize it without installing a jailbreak.

The hacker Geohot (George Hotz) made the same decision in the past, since users put pressure on him.

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