Five Samsung Galaxy S8 chips you need iPhone 8

Samsung has announced the official launch of its 2017 flagship model with enhanced features. The smartphone has updated software, improved appearance, high performance and even its own electronic assistant. We are publishing a list of the top five Galaxy S8 specs that users want to see in iPhone 8.


Bezel-less display

Almost the entire front panel of the S8 is occupied by a display. There are no visible borders on the sides of the display (which, by the way, are curved), the bezels at the top and bottom are minimal. So minimal that you can hardly spot the company logo on the front. Also, there are no physical buttons on the device panel. For over a year now, we've been hearing about the 'edge-to-edge' screen in iPhone 8 and we hope it will. The enlarged bezels at the top and bottom already look comical, although they provide a comfortable grip and place to place internal components.

Virtual home button

Instead of a physical button, the new Galaxy S8 has a virtual button that is always ready for action. It is functionally similar to the sensor 3D Touch and is located at the bottom of the screen: where the Home softkey is. It can be used even when it is not displayed on the screen to bring up the 'home' screen. Hopefully something similar will appear in iPhone 8.

Wireless charger

It seems like this feature is already on every user's wishlist iPhone. Rumor has it that in iPhone 8, the developers will return to the glass case, so hopefully Apple will add wireless charging to the functionality of the new model.

Fast charging

Only after positive experiences with smartphones that offer fast charging (such as the OnePlus 3T) can you truly appreciate this technology. Even with a large charger and small battery capacity, the fast charge function solves one big problem. Just put the device on charge for 5-10 minutes and get 50 percent charge. Sometimes this is enough for half a day. Apple always tries to make iPhone thinner and lighter. If they decide to do this by reducing the size of the battery, then fast charging technology will help us cope with losses in charge capacity.

Scanning the membrane of the eye and face

The S8 adds a scan of the skin of the eye, borrowed from the Note 7. In addition, the Galaxy S8 added face recognition. The function works quickly. You bring the device to your face – the device is unlocked. The function of scanning the skin and face of the user wants to see in iPhone 8. With the 'frameless' screen, the Touch ID scanner may also disappear (unless it is located on the back panel). However, for now, the technology of scanning the skin of the eye and face can hardly be used as the default option to unlock the device.

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