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Finally Apple released a new scaled-down model iPhone and it doesn't seem to be as compromised as iPhone 5c. Prices for iPhone SE start at 37,990 rubles. (and compared to the others iPhone it's inexpensive), the phone feels like a 5s and has almost the same hardware as the 6s. Everything seems to be simple. However, when it comes to choosing and buying a phone, you need to take into account a bunch of parameters, characteristics and features in order to understand whether this or that model actually meets your expectations. Let's see what iPhone SE is.

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1. The most powerful smartphone with a diagonal of 4 inches

Over the past couple of years, we have probably not seen any truly interesting compact smartphones. Sony released several models, but they weren't good enough – they were always compromises.

SE doesn't seem like a compromise solution. It inherits almost all of its components from the current flagship, iPhone 6s: A9 processor, 2GB RAM, Apple Pay, a stunning 12MP camera, 4K video, live photos and much more. The hardware performance iPhone SE shouldn't be in any doubt.

A small-handed person’s review of Apple ’s new iPhone SE https://t.co/iC8FzXhK8k pic.twitter.com/X7io67mOcm

– Nicole Nguyen (@itsnicolenguyen) March 25, 2016

For the first time in these two years, a four-inch phone does not leave the impression of being missing something. After all, SE is a Special Edition!

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2. This is a favorite of many iPhone 5s

Compared to the curved and flowing shapes iPhone of the 6 and 6s, the design of the iPhone 5s was sharper, more square and angular. And even after two and a half years, it does not seem outdated. Fans of this model would even call it classic. Plus, you can easily put this phone in your pocket or hold it with one hand!

SE looks almost like 5s. The only difference is the phone's edge is matte, not shiny. In addition, the logo Apple on the back is designed to match the color of the phone. Oh, and there's also a Rose Gold color scheme available.


3. Small differences

Everyone tends to compare the iPhone SE with the 6s rather than the 5s, due to the similar configuration. But this is not exactly a 6s in a smaller case, there are some minor differences.

For example, the SE has a first generation Touch ID sensor, as well as the iPhone 5s. The difference seems to be small, but only until you try iPhone 6s. Touch ID 2 is insanely fast, too fast. After the release of 6s, people complained that they could not unlock the phone by pressing the Home button: the phone detected their fingers before they had time to press it.

SE doesn't have 3D Touch. It's a pity, of course, but you shouldn't grieve too much about it. I think most of us can live without 3D Touch.

What's really regrettable is that the front camera is only 1.2 megapixels, while the 6s has a full 5 megapixels. The difference is understandably sensitive. You can take very high-quality pictures with the 6s front camera, but hardly with the SE front camera. On the other hand, there is Retina Flash technology, which is nice.

iPhone SE camera

In addition, there are many more pleasant things in SE.

4. All modern buns

People appreciated the 6s core not because of its performance, but because it was used to implement features that greatly improved interaction with iPhone. First, Apple Pay. Second, the “eternal” function “Hey, Siri”. Finally, the M9 co-processor in the background keeps track of a bunch of different information: how many steps you walked, how many flights of stairs you climbed, and so on. All this is in iPhone SE.

5. Lasts longer than 5s

Good news for those looking to upgrade from 5s or earlier: the SE battery lasts a long time. On paper, the uptime gain iPhone SE is 50% over 5s.

The following table contains the runtime data for the latest models iPhone.

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The Wall Street Journal's stress test shows that things are even better:

“In a lab stress test, with consistent web browsing at the same brightness level, the SE lasted 10 hours – a score of more than two hours outperforming iPhone 6s and 5s and about three hours better than the Galaxy S7 ”.

It will take you about two weeks to figure out the actual battery life. However, early reviews show such excellent results. I think that under moderate load the phone should work quietly all day.

6. Amount of memory

SE starts at RUB 37,900 for the 16GB model. The amount of memory is not the most impressive, but quite reasonable for the money. If you need more, a model with 64 GB of memory costs ten thousand rubles more.

7. Top smartphone for reasonable money

This phone may not be for you. It's hard to imagine a fan of flagship models and phablets going from iPhone 6s or 6s Plus to a 4-inch smartphone. It just isn't right. The keyboard will be terribly inconvenient for him, he will have to scroll much more often, he will need to view different media content in a completely different way.

But the price of 38 thousand, which in a couple of months will also drop to 30 thousand, makes this phone affordable for a large number of people. With such a pricing policy Apple, it expands the top-end smartphones market and lowers its price bar a little lower.

This is done mainly for markets such as China and India. It is there that Apple plans to use this model to expand its presence and lure people from Android to iPhone.

8. Reviews from critics

Lauren Goode of The Verge writes: “For people looking for a small or inexpensive iPhone, iPhone SE will be fine.”

Nicole Nguyen, a BuzzFeed columnist, puts it in a similar vein: “It's a great fast smartphone for those who think bigger isn't always cooler.”

That's what. If you want a compact smartphone, go for the SE. If you need an inexpensive iPhone, take SE. He is the best at what he is for.

If that's not enough, just buy iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

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