Drag and Drop will also appear in iPhone on iOS 11

When announcing iOS 11 earlier this week during WWDC, Apple stated that the most significant changes to iOS were made specifically for a more comfortable experience on devices iPad. And the subsequent part of the presentation on new features iOS 11 on devices iPad also confirmed the veracity of the statement made Apple.

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Among other major innovations in iOS 11, when working on iPad, you can now drag and drop content from one application to another, just like we used to do on a computer. Although the app dock and many other features iOS 11 were designed specifically to work on devices iPad, Apple did not provide any information regarding the work of this feature on devices iPhone.

It is only now that tweets have started coming in from users confirming that the drag-and-drop function will also work on iPhone. The only difference is that this function on iPhone will only work between applications, since it will have no application dock and nowhere to store the dragged content.

You can watch the new feature iOS 11 drag and drop to iPhone in the next tweet.

iOS 11 supports drag & drop on iPhone? pic.twitter.com/DRte6fkPrg

– Dave Schukin? (@schukin) June 6, 2017

The drag and drop feature comes in handy when combined with the new app iOS 11 'Files'. To attach a file to an email, all you need to do is go to the Files app, select the files you want and drag and drop them into the Emails app.

However, this also poses a problem. iOS 11 now has four different types of tapas. A short tap is used to launch the application, a medium-length tap is used to call the menu 3D Touch. A medium hold tap also serves as a drag-and-drop function, while a longer tap will serve to reorganize the arrangement of icons on the desktop. Which looks a little confusing and requires the user to always remember that they have four different ways to interact with content on mobile devices.

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