Download live wallpapers iOS 9 presented in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

It is very likely that you have already found on your iPhone or iPad new beautiful system wallpapers after you updated to iOS 9. But the owners of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have additional wallpapers that you do not have: these are animated live wallpapers powered by technology 3D Touch.
These awesome images are only available on the latest versions iPhone, so we decided to share them. And although there will be no animation on them, they are still insanely beautiful and should be used to decorate the screen of your smartphone.
Pictures are 1080 x 1920, so they are suitable for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini displays, but a little too small for regular iPad and are probably too small for most modern PCs (although you can try to rotate the image 90 degrees on a computer).

Wallpapers from iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s PLus

Click on the image to download it in full size. All images are from iDownloadblog.

Purple ink
iPhone - 6s-Purple-Ink-Wallpaper

Turquoise ink
iPhone - 6s-Blue-Ink-Wallpaper

White ink
iPhone - 6s-White-Ink-Wallpaper

Gold blue betta fish
iPhone - 6s-Fish-Gold-Wallpaper

Orange betta fish
iPhone - 6s-Fish-Pink-Wallpaper

Red betta fish
iPhone - 6s-Fish-Red-Wallpaper (Version for iPad)

You may have noticed that the blue-green-yellow wave image was not included in the final version of the system. It was removed during beta testing iOS 9.0. However, this image can also be found; it is here.

  • Standard wallpaper iOS 9

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