Demo video with semi-jailbreak Houdini for iOS 11.4 has appeared online

As they say, it's all or nothing. It looks like it can be applied to the jailbreak area, where there is a lot of activity suddenly.


Yesterday there was news that hacker SparkZheng managed to jailbreak iOS 11.3, but later clarified that technically it was not really a jailbreak.

Coolstar also decided to take the opportunity and talked about plans to release an update to his Electra jailbreak with support for iOS 11.2.6 – iOS 11.2, and also advised users not to update if they have these versions installed.

Also, today SparkZheng wrote about jailbreaking iOS 11.3.1, the latest version available iOS, and posted a demo video.

If that's not enough, hacker Abraham Masri just posted a Houdini semi-jailbreak demo video for iOS 11.4. At the moment, version iOS 11.4 is in beta testing. New features include support for Messages in iCloud, Airplay 2, stereo for HomePod, etc.

Houdini's tool is not like the others like Electra and the like, it is a semi-jailbreak that allows you to do the following:

  • Reshape icons
  • Block ads
  • Change emoji
  • Change logo at system startup
  • Add your face to Animoji (iPhone X only)
  • Install themes
  • Remove or change the names of third-party applications
  • Add Cydia sources and install themes
  • Clear all applications cache
  • Change screen resolution
  • Delete or change actions 3D Touch on icons
  • Edit Recommendations Siri
  • Change keys on the screen with a password (in the style of iOS 11 or to any images)
  • Change the color and size of icon labels
  • Change Control Center icons
  • Change widget with music on the lock screen

The latest version of Houdini beta 2 supports iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2. The demo video of Houdini beta 3 on iPad with beta version iOS 11.4 shows the ability to disable system updates, hide icon captions and do respring, as well as change keys on the password screen, color of signatures, etc.

Houdini is a good option for customizing your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without needing to jailbreak.

Masri is due to release the Houdini beta 3 tool after the final release iOS 11.4 is released this month. We will definitely inform you as soon as something new becomes known.

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