Chudo app adds Animoji style feature to older models iPhone

Along with iPhone X, the TrueDepth camera with Animoji technology debuted last year. Animoji are animated emojis that you can create by changing your facial expression. This feature requires a TrueDepth camera and is therefore not available on older models. However, Russian engineers have developed the 'Chudo' messenger with a similar function for the old ones iPhone.

Chudo-example 2

The founder of the company, Ashot Gabrelyanov, explains that the Chudo app uses “machine learning to turn your face into animated characters that look like you, move like you, and convey your emotions.” He claims that his team has been working on the project for at least two years.


You just need to take a photo of your face and the Chudo app will generate over 30 Chumoji characters. Each of them will be like you. The company used artificial intelligence, machine learning, and scanned data from over 15,000 faces to create the app.


Basically, the Chudo app adds Animoji functionality to older models iPhone starting with iPhone 5s. This is why Apple refuses to add it to App Store. It took the team App Store over a month to reach a verdict after the app was offered.

In his post, Ashot Gabrelyanov wrote about the differences between Animoji and Chudo. Unlike Animoji, the Chudo app is available for devices with Android and does not require 3D information about your face to animate. He also noted that there are many other Animoji-like apps in App Store, including Facehub, even whose characters are very similar to Animoji.

The Chudo team is trying to draw attention to the unfair decision Apple in the hope that the company will still add the application to App Store. Let's see if this method works.

In any case, it cannot be denied that the Chudo app is very impressive in having support for old iPhone, even though they do not have advanced technologies.

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