Animoji can get sound effects with different voices

Based on a patent Apple published last week, a future version of the Animoji feature may have sound effects with different voices for each character. They can be voiced by making a certain facial expression.


According to the patent, both visual and sound elements can be elicited with a specific facial expression. For example, it could be frowning or even specific trigger words.

Various sound effects can be activated by facial expression. The character will either perform the set animation or continue to repeat your facial expression, complementing it with sound effects.

For example, you can make a dog character bark by saying 'woof'.

Apple - patent-animoji-sound-effects-voice

And if you frown or growl, the dog can become angry. Perhaps sound effects will even be applied to your words.

With the release of iOS 12 in September, Animoji has received several enhancements, including language and wink recognition. In addition, a new Memoji feature has been released.

Apple aggressively advertises Animoji feature in ads iPhone.

Some are completely indifferent to the function, while others find it an interesting way to diversify their communication. Using the TrueDepth camera, the function reads your facial expression and then displays it on an animated character in real time.

If Animoji characters get their voices and effects, then the function will be even better.

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