Create long videos with Animoji in a separate app

iPhone X is already on sale in many countries, and social media users will have noticed the stream of Animoji videos. This is an exclusive iPhone X feature, available only in Messages, that allows you to create 10 second videos.


The developer Simon Stovring was able to work around this limitation and created a separate application with Animoji for iPhone X. It is based on private API functions.

In the app, you can create Animoji outside of Messages and record videos with them up to 20 seconds. In Messages, they last only up to 10 seconds. The developer assures that in future updates the video duration will be longer.

One definitely could.

– Simon B. Støvring (@simonbs) November 5, 2017

The SBSAnimoji app can be downloaded from Github and uploaded to iPhone X through the developer account.

It is unlikely to ever appear in App Store as the Animoji API is not allowed to be used in third-party applications. Perhaps its success will inspire Apple to open up API access so developers can bring their creative ideas to life.

The owners of iPhone X are unhappy that videos cannot be shared with Animoji. Some solved the problem by using the Screen Recorder function.

Download → SBSAnimoji (Github)

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