Bugs found in iOS 11

iOS 11 contains many new features and improvements. These include a customizable control center, multitasking functionality on iPad, the new Files app, ARKit technology, and more.


However, like any major system update, iOS 11 also contains bugs. Below is a list of minor bugs that have been discovered so far.

Errors 3D Touch

Some users have reported that 3D Touch does not work well on older models like iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Solution: Reboot your device and it might help.

Home button errors

Some people write that they get an error when closing the application with the Home button.

Solution: Wait at least 24 hours for the device to be operational after installing all updates.

Media Library iCloud

Khamosh writes: After I take a screenshot, it is loaded into iCloud and the full resolution version is removed. So I have to download it again after 5 minutes, which is very inconvenient and long. I even had to turn off Media Library iCloud to iPad.

Solution: Try to free up more memory.

Bar status changes color

Khamosh writes: Sometimes the color of the bar status changes to iPad.

Solution: Try restarting your device.

Interface problems iOS 11

If you pay a lot of attention to details, read the post, which details all the interface problems /

Email is not sent via Outlook.com and Exchange Mail

It looks like users cannot send emails through Outlook.com and Exchange Mail. Apple is aware of this issue and has been working with Microsoft to resolve it. However, the problem will be fixed only with the next update.

Battery problems on iOS 11

Users write that battery power is consumed much faster after installing the update.

Solution: Battery problems are individual and depend on how you use your device. It is impossible to say what exactly its reason is.

Wi – Fi and Bluetooth are not disabled via control center

Many people report that turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the control room does not turn them off completely, and they have to be turned off in the settings, which takes a long time.

Apple confirmed that it should be so. When you disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi at the control center, the device disconnects from Wi-Fi networks and accessories Bluetooth, but it continues to work with AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch etc.

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