Best jailbreak tweaks, repositories and tricks for iOS 9.3.3

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3. has already been released, which means that you can install your favorite tweaks to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The developers are actively updating tweaks to iOS 9.3.3, but some of them are still not compatible.

tweaks for ios 9.3.3

To help you install the most interesting tweaks on your jailbroken device iOS, we have prepared a list of tweaks and tricks that you should definitely add to your arsenal iOS 9.3.3. If you haven’t “jailbroken” your device yet, read the guide on how to jailbreak iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.3.3 to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using a tool from Pangu [Windows].


A list of the best tweaks would be incomplete without the Activator. As a software package on which other tweaks depend on, Activator is used to assign different actions when you press keys, for example, the volume up key, or when performing gestures, for example, a three-finger pinch, etc.



Alkaline is another must-have on the tweak list that really personalizes the look and feel of your device iPhone The tweak will change the battery, Wi-Fi and cellular indicators.



To view attachments in a message via email attachments at iOS, each file must be downloaded and opened individually. AttachmentFlow provides a preview of all attachments in an email directly in the mail window. Thus, all attachments of the letter can first be seen in the preview, and then select and open the desired file.

➤ $ 1.99

Browser Changer

Prefer a third party browser on iPhone over standard Safari? The Browser Changer jailbreak tweak will replace the default browser on your device with the one of your choice. This means that the link launched from the application will no longer open in Safari, but in a third-party browser.


BytaFont 3

With BytaFont 3 you will replace the default font iOS with an alternate one. Look for third-party fonts in the Fonts section of Cydia.



Inspired by the switches on watchOS, Cream will brighten up the control center by adding a different shade of color to each switch. On will be highlighted in color, while off will be a light gray.


Cercube 3

Cercube is irreplaceable if you use YouTube on iPhone a lot. The tweak will allow you to download a video to your device, so you can watch videos even offline. The tweak will also help you export music to the Music app, play music when YouTube is minimized, watch 1080p videos, and more.


Eclipse 3

The tweak will create a night effect throughout iOS. Changes the themes of all apps to dark so you can read more comfortably at night and reduce eye strain.

➤ $ 0.99


In iOS 7 Apple we have successfully added buttons for quick launch of system settings, music control, AirPlay, AirDrop, including screen lock in the control center. However, the list of these features and the applications you can run is limited. FlipControlCenter removes these limitations by allowing you to add more options and quick launch buttons to Control Center. You can also change the order of icons, remove or add options from Preferences.



With KeyVibe, you will literally experience nice feedback on iOS 9. However, the tweak only works on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

KeyVibe repository:


iCaughtU Pro

Apple made the “Find iPhone” function more efficient by adding an Activation lock. The function prevents the person who stole your iOS device from using it. However, the disadvantage is still the inability to track the stolen phone if the new “owner” turns it off.

This is where iCaughtU Pro comes in. The tweak will not only not allow you to turn off the phone, but will also take a photo of the person who tries to turn it off or enters the wrong password, and sends a photo with a GPS location. These measures can be effective in catching the thief.

➤ $ 2.50


iCleaner allows you to remove unnecessary files from your iOS – device and free up storage on your device. Tweak to delete message attachments, cookies, cached pages in Safari, app cache, and more.



iFile gives you access to system files iPhone and root folder on Mac. You can also edit text files and properties, which can be quite useful.

➤ $ 4.99after a free 7-day trial period

Instagram ++

Want to save videos and photos from Instagram to your Camera Roll? If so, then Instagram ++ is for you. The tweak will allow you to save photos and videos to your device, manage multiple accounts in Instagram, copy and share texts, view the full time of posts, and much more.

Download repository Instagram ++: http: //



Inspired by the Apple Watch notification style, the tweak changes the style and type of lock screen preview notifications iPhone Lock, displaying them as a series of cards rather than a text string. Each notification will be in the style of a card, just like Apple Watch.

➤ $ 2.99

Phantom for Snapchat

Snapchat has become popular for its ability to limit the lifespan of videos. If you want to get rid of this limitation and watch videos your friends submit as many times as you want, try Phantom for Snapchat. The tweak also provides many other enhancements and features, such as simulating location, saving photos to Camera Roll, sending images and videos from Camera Roll, adding effects and stickers to photos, and more.



The Picture in Picture option only works on iPad, but if you are the owner of a “jailbroken” device, experience the benefits on any device (iPhone, iPad) iOS 9 using tweak Ryan Petrich’s PictureInPicture.

Tweak repository:

Poke ++ for Pokemon Go!

Too lazy to go out and catch Pokemon? Physically unable to catch Pokemon? Try the Poke ++ tweak for Pokemon Go. The tweak will allow you to get to any place in the game without going outside and play with other users.

Download repository:


New technology 3D Touch announced Apple is only featured in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. RevealMenu will reproduce 3D Touch on older devices and bring functionality to newer devices. Press and hold the app icon to activate 3D Touch and open the context menu.


Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3 is a famous jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize any element iOS: from locked screen, dock to animation. With this tweak, you can drastically change the look and feel iOS.

➤ $ 2.99


If you’ve been a fan of Zephyr, the jailbreak tweak that added multitasking gestures to iPhone, then you’ll love Tage. It allows you to switch between programs, close applications using gestures. The tweak also includes the ability to switch between apps beautifully, which is very responsive and enjoyable to use. Popular jailbreak tweak of 2014.



TypeStatus will show in the status bar who is typing the message, so you don’t have to open messages.


VirtualHome 8 n 9

With Virtual Home, you no longer need to press the Home button to go to the Home screen or switch between applications. The tweak will allow you to double-tap the Home / Touch ID button to go to the home screen or open the switching between programs with one touch.

➤ $ 1.49

WhatsApp ++

An indispensable tweak for active users WhatsApp, WhatsApp ++ will allow you to hide from data “connected” and “was (s), disable read receipts and delivery reports, add uncropped profile photo, block access to WhatsApp with password or TouchID and much more.

Repository WhatsApp ++: http: //



Zepplin allows you to change your cellular operator name to iPhone. Instead of a name, you can add a Batman image, a logo Apple or even a cool Pac-Man carrier logo.

This is a list of the best jailbreak tweaks and tricks for iOS 9.3.3 that are definitely worth trying on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you find tweaks that are also worthy of this list, write in the comments.

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