Apple removed function 3D Touch for multitasking in iOS 11

Previously, users iPhone with 3D Touch could use multitasking, this function was triggered by a long press on the left edge of the screen.Beta version iOS 11 is in the second stage of development, plus the first beta version in the public domain revealed some of the features of the updated mobile operating system. It all started with an error message that led to the removal of the aforementioned multitasking feature.
Brian Iris previously reported a bug Apple, reporting that the 3D Touch feature for multitasking does not work in iOS 11. Apple responded to Brian's message short and to the point:


“This feature has been intentionally removed”

Apple engineering has confirmed that 3D Touch multitasking was intentionally removed in iOS 11. I am livid.

– Bryan Irace (@irace) June 30, 2017

[developer message Apple
The engineer provided the following information on this issue:
Please note that this feature has been intentionally removed.

Engineers at Apple have confirmed that multitasking via 3D Touch has been intentionally removed from iOS 11. I'm furious. ]

There have been suggestions that the feature simply doesn't work in iOS 11 or that it hasn't been added to the software yet. Many people hope that the function will be returned, not just removed.

Multitasking via 3D Touch was a very nice gesture, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between apps, as opposed to the standard double-tapping the Home button. This feature has been built into iPhone 6 / 6s plus and iPhone 7/7 plus. But it looks like it won't be added to iOS 11 and the next new version iPhone, which Apple will release later this year.

How often do you use the multitasking feature via 3D Touch? It would be interesting to know about this after the public launch iPhone 8 later this year.

[via 9to5Mac; @irace]

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