Apple patented iPhone and MacBook curved displays

59 new patents Apple were recently published covering a variety of areas. Among them was a patent on iPhone and iPad with curved displays.


The company described iPhone and iPad with displays that curl around the edges of the devices. The displays will be covered with a layer of plastic or glass to protect them from scratches and other damage.

In the patent Apple, she also wrote about her plans to replace the physical buttons iPhone with virtual ones on the sides of the display. This will allow you to change buttons depending on the application you are currently using. Or, you can move application icons from the dock to the edges of the display.

The patent was created in 2013, but the company made some changes to it in February this year. Apple added the use of technology 3D Touch and vibration feedback. Not only does the patent refer to iPhone and iPad curved displays, but also MacBook.

Another patent Apple talks about liquid metal and how it can be used in details iPhone and iPad.

Samsung and other companies have already released smartphones with curved displays. They look interesting and unusual, but their functionality cannot be called the best. Plus, iPhone and iPad are getting thinner every year, so it's unlikely Apple ever actually uses such displays.

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