Apple does not want to be allowed into App Store weighing apps

The display iPhone 6s with technology 3D Touch recognizes pressure on the screen so well that you can weigh some light objects on it – but Apple will not allow you to do this.
In a Medium post iOS – developer Ryan McLeod reveals that Apple rejected an app that he and his friends made to weigh items on the screen iPhone. McLeod tried to use various “creative loopholes” to get around the restrictions Apple, but he failed.

Gravity-app [1] He says that developing such an application was a difficult task. The API for 3D Touch measures pressure force on its own scale from 0.00 to “maximum force possible”, with “average pressure” selected as 1.00. McLeod calibrated his app with coins that anyone can get their hands on.

Once the application was calibrated against the scale 3D Touch, his team ran into the following issue. “We needed to find an object that conducts electricity, has a capacity of about the same as a human's finger, into which we could place the weighed objects and the pressure from which we could recognize iPhone,” he writes.

They stopped at the spoon. The idea is simple: you put items in a spoon, put the spoon on the screen of your iPhone and weigh your items. The developers managed to establish that iPhone is capable of recognizing weights up to 385 grams, and although not entirely accurate, it could still.

And after all the problems were resolved, McLeod learned that his app, Gravity, had been rejected due to a “misleading description.” McLeod tried to upload the app again and posted a video showing that the description of the program accurately reflects what it is for.

Unfortunately, Apple was relentless, the author of the program was contacted and told him that “the program for weighing things is not suitable for App Store”.

It is not entirely clear what motivated such a decision, and Apple, perhaps, this will clarify. Probably, the company simply does not want the owners iPhone to place foreign objects on the displays of their devices, because this can lead to their breakdown, or it knows that their measuring scale is not very accurate and people should not rely on it .

The Verge suggests that Apple “decided that a similar app could be used to weigh drugs,” although that decision is rather absurd considering how many drug-related apps are currently available in App Store .

“We have deep respect for the way Apple consistently selects quality apps on a consistent basis,” McLeod writes in his post. “But we hope that someday Gravity will be one of the few apps that anyone can download and wonder what his iPhone can do that.”

And we hope so too!

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