Apple can add on iPhone curved display

Bloomberg sources claim that Apple is working on curved displays and touchless gesture controls on iPhone. According to sources, Apple will add OLED – displays for more models, so the company may well use curved displays.


LG is the first to carve out a niche with its curved displays, but the company's smartphones are not very successful in the market. Perhaps Apple will be able to somehow modify curved displays in a special way with a function like 3D Touch.

Touchless controls will allow users to move their hand over the smartphone to interact with it. Samsung has a similar feature called Air Gestures, but it's not perfect.

Google is also working on something similar with Project Soli, which is already three years old. The report says that the technology Apple will require your hand to be even closer to the screen than with Google Soli, which is quite inconvenient.

Apple is also working on a display that will be slightly curved from top to bottom. iPhone with a curved display sounds good, but it will only become clear after its release. Other companies actively use OLED – curved display panels. This is possible due to their flexibility, which is more than LCD – screens.

Apple is out of its comfort zone so as not to lose its leading position in the market. A smartphone with a curved display from Apple won't be anything out of the ordinary, but the company can still make it better than the rest.

Samsung already supplies Apple OLED – displays, and now LG Display may be added to the suppliers.

Recently, information appeared on the network that Apple will use microLED panels for the future iPhone and Apple Watch, which would be a big change in the company's production.

Smartphones with curved displays have their advantages, but such iPhone can cause Apple to inflate prices even more. Possibly even up to $ 1,500. However, the idea will not be implemented for at least a couple of years. Hopefully Apple can create a curved display that is better than existing ones.

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